Monday, January 21, 2008


Although I haven't picked which candidate I'll be voting for in our state's primary (I'm still researching - I like to be an informed voter), I found this to be interesting (although it won't inform my decision or anything). This morning I was watching the news and saw Hillary Clinton speaking at a church - and behind her I saw the word, "Abyssinia." So, of course I was curious and googled Hil+Abyssinia. Turns out she spoke at the Abyssinian Baptist Church over the weekend. I read an article about it which had this little blurb about Ethiopia:

The church’s reverend Calvin talked about Ethiopia saying “We believe that that's the real center of the redemption of Africa, the real heart of Africa because it's peaceful, it's never been colonized and its people are fiercely independent and self reliant, and that's how we see ourselves."

What is also interesting is that Hillary hired an Ethiopian man, Addisu Demisse, to be her Political Director in Connecticut.

Again, I'm not endorsing Hillary here - I am still undecided on my choice and I'm not sure I'll even share it because people can get pretty fired up about politics - including me - and although I respect each person's own decisions, I fear that politics is so divisive that I don't want it to be a part of my blog. I just thought it was interesting that Ethiopia is touching the presidential election in some ways.


  1. Thanks Stacie, that's an interesting tidbit.

  2. The Abyssinian Baptist Church is the first church my husband and I attended when we first moved to NY 6.5 years ago - we had just moved to Harlem and were looking for a new congregation. We were truly impressed by Reverend Calvin and the whole community, if you're ever in NYC I highly recommend visiting for a service!

  3. Very interesting...thanks for sharing this!