Monday, December 13, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's that time of year again!  My online shopping is in high-gear so  I thought I would share a few of my favorite things because I've been meaning to forever and now is a good time. 

First on the list - hair and skin products!

Belle Butters!  We love Belle Butters - especially for skin, although they can be used in hair as well.  The scents are wonderful and they are all hand-made with no icky petroleum by-products in them!  My favorite scent is the Chocolate Mint, but I hear the Orange Dream Cream is great too.

Twist of Fate! This is a curl butter from Give All for Love, which is hand-made by an adoptive mama. It is, "an all-natural hair butter used to moisturize, nourish, and style naturally curly hair." And the best part is that a portion of the proceeds goes to charity, and you get to pick which one! 

 Kizzi's Stay Put Pomade from Carol's Daughter.  I love CD products, but this is my new favorite for doing styles with Lia's hair.  It really helps me keep her parts straight, and keeps her parts in even overnight when I have taken the hair bands out (because I'm scared they'll fall out and she'll eat them and choke and... well, you know how moms worry :).  It also makes her curls all springy, which is also great.  Here is an example of a recent 'do I did with this pomade.  And, yes, I'm still practicing on straight part lines.  Don't judge.

Dear Blogger, why did you make this sideways?  Why?
And now on to other fun things...

Mimitens!  These are THE BEST MITTENS EVER.  I got them on babysteals (also love!) a while back and this week Micah got to try them out in the snow.  They are fantastic.  They could be better - if they had fingers instead of just a thumb thing, but  I'll take that for now.  These actually stay on (way better than regular mittens) and you don't get that snow bank in between the coat and the mittens.  I love them.  LOVE.

Mumford and Sons  Seriously LOVE THIS BAND.  It's not totally safe to listen to in front of the kids who know how to repeat bad words, but I am just loving this CD, so I'm including it.

And, really?  I have way more favorites, but naptime is almost over, so I'll leave you with my favorite Santa picture EVER.  Also, I'd love to hear your favorite things too - feel free to leave me some more fun shopping links!