Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bye-Bye Binky, Bye-Bye...

Micah's first night with us.  And with his binky.
My baby boy was a binky lover.  The minute I plopped that bink in his mouth, he was hooked.  He's 4 years old now and we've been discussing the End of Binky for over a year now.  We didn't want to push it.  Our pediatrician said not to push it.  Much to Kevin's chagrin, our pediatrician was all for keeping binky around as long as Micah wanted it.  I agreed and my husband let me have my way on this one (thanks, babe). 

But, I'm so very happy to report that Micah has been binky-free for three days now!  Three nights without the binky!  Two of those nights the binky was in his room with him, but he chose not to use it. (I should add that the binky was broken, and he knew I wouldn't buy another.)  This morning he handed it over to his dad and asked him to hide it because he was done with it, and didn't want to see it anymore.  Kevin brought it down to me and told me what had transpired.  I bawled.  Ugly-cried for a minute.  Mourning the binky-baby, but also so, so proud of my big boy. 

So, feel free to judge all you want about the fact that we let our babe have his bink until after he was 4 years old.  It won't bother me because I think we did the right thing.  And now I have to go order a Darth Vader mask, as promised, for a certain binky-free boy.