Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

Dear Micah,

Tomorrow you are turning two years old and your mom cannot believe it. I look back at those pictures of the day we first met - how tiny you were, with your big brown eyes. Did you know that when I remember the moment of meeting you, the thing I remember most is seeing your beautiful brown eyes when I walked into the room? And, now, you are almost no longer a baby. You are becoming such a big boy - it's amazing to watch you move about this world and learn your way.

Micah, you have a way with people. They gravitate towards you - random people will stop and say hello to you while we are out - always. I think you have a spirit about you - a joy that people can almost see, and always respond to. I cannot wait to see you grow into a boy, and someday a man. I wonder how your inner spark will manifest itself throughout your life.

Everyday I am grateful for you in our lives. You and your dad are the best parts of my days. I am grateful that our path was to you. I love you very much.

Happy birthday, my little man.
Love, mom

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Little Man is Turning Two!

That's right... two. I can't believe it. My baby is two. Okay.... I'll stop that. But, I do want to share some of the fun, amazing, and typically-two things Micah is doing these days...

* Peeing on the potty. Micah loves his potty chair. I've found that leaving him diaper-less (a shirt and baby-legs works great for this) is the best way for us to potty train. He runs into the other room when he has to go. He also likes for me to sit on the toilet while he sits on his potty chair. FUN times. Today he stood up and pottied over his chair. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh. I do have to say though, potty training is exhausting!! And, this was all Micah's idea - I take no credit whatsoever for him starting so early.

*Deciding his own bedtime. Lately he has decided that his bedtime is 9 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. He used to go down SO easily. I would lay him down and that was it. Now he yells MOM and SNACK for about an hour and then starts to cry. When he starts to cry I go in and rock him and he is instantly out. I know he's tired, so I'm not sure what is going on with this new betime routine. I definitely do not love it.

*MINE. He has learned the dreaded word. He uses it a bunch lately - when he wants something or doesn't want us to have something - MINE.

*Turning my head. When I'm holding Micah and not paying attention to him, he will put his sweet baby hand on the side of my face and turn my head to look at him. I think this is the cutest thing ever. I think he does this because I make him look me in the eyes when I am telling him something important.

*Breakdancing. Or any kind of dancing. His two favorite songs right now are "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and "Our Time is Running Out" by Muse. He will sign "Again" as soon as these songs finish and I have to replay them. I'm getting sick of them, but will never tire of watching him dance (or run around the kitchen table for 12 consecutive minutes).

*Talking on the phone. Micah LOVES the phone. He actually talks to the person on the other end too. Very cute. The best is when he talks to his friends down the street (who are 4 and 2) on the phone. They have some crazy conversations. :)

And now, some pictures....

Hanging with Jack & Eli on Superbowl Sunday.

Playing with shaving cream. I decided this would be a fun sensory-rich activity. He loved it. It was a mess, but worth it. This is him as we start the fun.

And, this is Micah at the end of it. He was covered. It was great.

Cheese face. (Notice my Stupid Lamb - a priceless gift from a fellow lover of EC :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Books and Books and Books

I am an admitted bibliophile. I love to read. I read to excess. I hate to part with my books. My dream house will include a library room with floor to ceiling bookshelves and a fireplace and a giant, comfy chair with pillows and blankets. Anyway, I have a few books I'd like to share with you...

The first is from ashes to africa by Josh and Amy Bottomly. Many of you have probably read this book, but if you haven't, then I recommend that you go order it now.

href='' target='_blank'>

The thing I loved about this book was the honesty. Josh and Amy both describe their experiences in a very open and truthful way. I think this is a wonderful book for any reader, as it is a beautiful story. I would like to add, however, that I think this book will be particularly helpful to read if you are just starting out in the process. Josh and Amy delve into their own personal heartbreak. The allow the reader to share in their struggles, with marriage and infertility, and ultimately their 'moment of grace.'