Friday, October 8, 2010

Conversations with Micah

Tonight Micah and I were lying in bed and I was getting frustrated because he wouldn't calm down.  (It's two hours later and HE IS STILL AWAKE...)  Anyway, instead of freaking out (or maybe after I freaked out a little), I grabbed him and snuggled close and just started talking.  Somehow we ended up talking about when he is "big."  He informed me of a few things he has figured out about his future:

1. He is going to play football.

2. He is going to be a teacher.

3. He is going to marry this girl:

4. He is going to have only one baby.  And his wife won't have the baby in her belly.  Nope.  The baby (a boy named Lia, by the way), will grow in his belly.  "I eat lots of snacks... drink lots of juice... and *poof* a baby."  (And you know I was trying hard to hold it together at this point.)

5. He will have three dogs.  Three big dogs.  But he will not name them Peter Parker or Spiderman because they cannot wear suits (costumes).

6. He will drive a big red car.

So there you have it.  Micah's Life Plan.  I like it.