Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snippets** EDITED with Video!

This is the randomness that is occurring in our life lately...

* Micah has started to sing. He does not sing real songs (he's still not talking much) but he opens his mouth as wide as he can and lets it loose. He did this today while 'playing' the guitar hero guitar and listening to Jack Johnson. Then later his dad started singing some song and Micah joined in. (I will try to get video of this - it is so great.)

*EDIT: I got video! This one is with his totally awesome 1984 keyboard as accompaniment...

How hilarious is the giant intake of breath he takes right after raising the "microphone"? I know, completely hilarious.

* Work is going well. I don't have to tell my name to my tables. In fact, we're discouraged from doing so. Last week was training and they fed us a mountain of food every night. I've never eaten so much. Ever. We open this week so we'll see...

* Micah is doing well at school. He cries when I have to leave, but then I can hear that he is quiet by the time I get to the door. Whenever I tell him (at home) that I have to go to work later he blows me a kiss and says, "Mom, bye."

* Have you ever seen such amazing eyes? I mean - wow...

* I would like to say that I am not really that crazy about Twilight and Edward. I'm just having fun.

* Did you know that my purse came with a small pocket that Pocket Edward fits right into? It's true.

* Micah still fits into his 12 month shorts. His 2T shorts fall off him. These are the shorts that he fits into now...This was taken in July of last year.

* Micah will now have complete "conversations" with us. He still has a very limited vocabulary, but if I ask him to tell his dad about how we went to the bookstore and got chocolate moo, he will turn to Kevin and give him the run-down in Mic-speak. It's so funny.

* Micah calls milk "MOOOOO" because there is a cow on the label. That is an obvious sign of his geniusness. (I know - not a word! I do not have signs of geniusness.)

That's all I've got for now. Oh - and Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twilight Party!

Less than 1 week until the Twilight DVD is released! And that means less than 1 week until the most amazing Twilight DVD Release party ever. My great Twi-hard friends Kari, Tracey and Becky are co-hosting this party with me and we have some serious party plans. I thought I'd share our ideas with you in case you are planning a party of your own... (If you are coming to the party, please cover your eyes - we don't want to ruin any surprises!)

Costumes - the invites ask guests to dress as their favorite Twilight character. We’re going to make a twilight gift basket for the “best costume.” I'll be going as Alice Cullen - can you see it? I can, because I can see the future.

Food - all from the book or movie - mushroom ravioli, mini pizzas (Bella dared Edward to eat and he ate pizza in the book), spinach salad, berry cobbler (from the movie) and vampire cupcakes (just for fun). We’re also having bowls of apples and Twilight Sweethearts.

Wine - Bella Sera (white), Newton Claret, Vampire wine - http://www.vampire.com/. The beer that Charlie drank is not available anymore but we might make fake “R” labels for our beers. And, cokes (from the Italian restaurant scene)

Decor - white lights wrapped around the trees (like Alice’s parties in the books), red roses, red candles. Black plates and napkins. (We’re doing a black/red/white theme.) Stand Up Edward - we have a life-sized Edward and will offer pictures with him. Action Figure Edward - he will be mingling with the guests.

Paper fans with pictures of Edward - the deleted scenes might make people need to fan themselves.

Wine glass stem markers with quotes from the movie and book.

Those are our ideas. I know I'm giving away our secrets... I wonder if this is a good idea. Oh, you won't tell anyone, will you?

Are you having a party? What are your plans?

Friday, March 13, 2009

BU 09!!

Are you going to Blog Union this year? Please say yes! It's going to be so much fun. Last year was amazing. One of my favorite moments of BU 08...

Kevin, Micah and I had arrived in LA, secured our rental car and arrived at our hotel in beautiful Hermosa Beach. We decided to go look for a spot to have lunch, so we walked down to the beach area and were overwhelmed by the choices of restaurants. It was a beautiful day so we just puttered along looking at each restaurant's menu. Finally, we started to get really hungry so we were heading back to one of the restaurants when I happened to look into the window of the place we were passing. I saw this face...

That's right! Abey Baby from Our Own Rooney was looking out of the window. It was like seeing a celebrity (we were in L.A., after all) - I shouted, "There's Abe Rooney!" Kevin was really confused (he cannot keep his famous blog babies straight) but followed me into the restaurant where we met up with a big ol' group of blog unioners. And, I got to hold sweet Abe in my arms and talk to his mama in person!

My other favorite moments include - making the trek up the hill to the hotel with Tara & Malak and the Bottomly's, watching Micah during his first trip to the beach, meeting Carey & Drew who put the whole show together, seeing Courtney's beautiful smile in person, and basically just sitting back and taking in the moments. I have many other great memories from last year (truly) but this post is about BU 09...

I know you want to come - so here are the details... You can come this year if...
1. You have a blog
2. You are officially waiting for your referral from Ethiopia or have already adopted from Ethiopia

That's it! BU 09 is in Chicago during August of this year. Want more info? Find it here.

BU 08 Memories...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi, My Name is Stacie and I'll Be Your Server Tonight...

Tomorrow I go back to work. I am not going back to my former career as an event planner, but instead to my glorious former career as a server. I actually really enjoy waiting tables. I love the fast-pace and I like taking care of people. It's fun for me... most of the time.

This is not the first time I've gone back to work since Micah came home. I also went back last March. I waited tables at a cute little independent restaurant with a great chef and great people. It was wonderful for a while... and then the chef left, then the general manager left, then one of the owners walked out, then the sous-chef turned exec chef and the bar manager walked out. That was my last night there. My last night featured me standing on a step-stool in the middle of a party of 30, at 7:30 p.m., holding a bus-tub over my head catching a deluge of water that was streaming in through the roof. Add to that the customer who later was kind enough to tell me that he, "wanted to tickle me," while I was in such a compromising position... and, yeah - it was my last night. That was in August - the restaurant closed in October.

So, tomorrow I'm going to try it again. This time it's for a large, corporate restaurant. (Blech.) I'll probably have to tell every table my name... I hate doing that. I am going to miss working in a wonky, independent restaurant, but perhaps I won't end up collecting rainwater on a busy night. Well, one can hope, at least.

Micah is starting "school" tomorrow as I go back to work. One of the reasons I have chosen to wait tables (besides the fact that I am certifiable and actually enjoy it) is that he'll only have to be in daycare for 2 hours, and only 3 times a week at the most (I'm only working 3 nights a week). This allows me to keep my day job as a stay-at-home mama and allows him a little bit of socialization when he goes to 'school.' I'm also extremely blessed that one of my friends (who I've known for over 20 years) runs her own daycare. I know he will be well-cared for.

But.... still... I'm nervous. It's going to be hard to leave him tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll leave him like this...

And not like this...

Wish us both luck. I fear we'll need it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

She'll Do Anything for Clean Water!

Have you seen what Lori is up to? You need to go check out her site - she is working hard to get us all on board to build wells for clean water in Ethiopia. I'm amazed at her dedication and happy to call her my friend - she's an inspiration! (And, she's really funny. She makes me laugh out loud on a constant basis. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mom & Micah Read Books

First - thank you all so much for the feedback on my last post. I really appreciate all the nice things that were said - although I don't really believe Meg when she said she would read if I were counting ceiling tiles, still nice to hear.

So, I've actually been meaning to post about a certain book for a while now, so I figured I would include it in some book reviews by Micah and I...

The first book is from ashes to africa by Josh & Amy Bottomly...

Mom: So, I know a lot of you have read this book, but if you still haven't - please go order it. You will love it. The thing I loved about this book is it's honesty. Josh & Amy hold nothing back and that is quite refreshing. It is very difficult to be honest with even friends and family about issues with marriage, and definitely with infertility. The Bottomly's courageously share their struggles, and ultimately their triumphs in a true and honest fashion. I loved reading this book. I would also like to add that this book would be a WONDERFUL thing to pass along to family members if you are struggling with infertility and considering adoption. I remember how hard it was to put into words the dark time of "trying." I really could not figure out a way to make my family understand. I feel that this book could be a great conversation starter between family members - and it can help family that may be resistant to adoption start to understand.

Micah: I like this book because it has pictures of my bud Silas. I also really like the colors on the front.

Next, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins..

Mom: I read this book in 24 hours. I had a lot of people recommend it, but I read the synopsis and thought I would hate it. (Not to mention the cover - it looks like a Tom Clancy novel to me.) Anyway, I picked it up one day and LOVED it. It is listed under Young Adult fiction, but I could give this to my Dad and he would like it. I've lent it to friends - both men and women who are NOT young adults and they all liked it. I'm not going to tell you much about it - because you just have to trust me on this one. It's good.

Micah: Boring. But, it does make a loud sound when you throw it.

And finally, My Little Miracle...

Mom: I bought this before Micah came home. I love it. It's beautiful. Our copy is tattered and has duct tape and is basically falling apart, but I love it so much.

Micah: This is one of my favs. Mom used to read it to me all the time when I was a baby and it always helped calm me. She told me she got it for me because I am her little miracle. She also memorized it so lots of times she will just recite it to me as I'm falling asleep. My favorite page has a moon on it.

There you have it. I'm currently re-reading Jane Eyre, but am always open to suggestions for another great book.

PS - For you Twilight fans out there - go here and see my debut as a jr. league superhero. (I know - I need help :) And, read the rest of that blog too - very funny stuff. (And see - the non-Twilight fans don't even have to go there! But, really, you're missing out.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog-entity Crisis

Okay, please bear with me on this post... it is going somewhere, I promise.

Lately, I've been bored with blogging. It's true. I've thought a lot about this and I think that I feel blogged out on the subject of motherhood, becoming parents, our adoption journey. Now I'm just a mom - I have lots of things that I love to do, both with my son and without and I'm thinking I need to take the old blog in a new direction.

See, I have a lot of... umm... obsessions. One is reading. I'd love to post sometimes about the books I'm reading. I'm not planning book reports or anything (boring) but if I find something fun, I'll share - like this book - it's soooo great. You should read it. Now. I know - the cover makes it look like some weird spy thriller, but it's not. Trust me.

Another obsession...

I'll admit it - I'm still obsessed. I am currently planning the dvd release party with two friends, and - I'll just give a few hints - we're planning on costumes, we have a color theme (duh - black, red, white), and AFE (Action Figure Edward) as well as LSE (Life-Sized Edward) are attending the party. Basically, way (way) over the top. So, sometimes I'd like to post about this. Or post about the fact that I can't walk past the Twilight display in any store with Micah without him pointing and yelling "MOM!!" because he recognizes the images. Yep - I'm that mom.

And, I'm starting a new job next week. Maybe I'd like to post about that in the future. I guarantee some ridiculous stories - I'll be waiting tables 3 nights a week so there is sure to be fun had there.

So, those are some examples. And, up until now I haven't posted about these things because this is an adoption blog. This is Micah's blog - and someday his baby sister's blog. But then I got to thinking (watch out) that I would have liked to read about what my parents did (besides only parenting) when I was young. Maybe Micah will too? Or Baby Sister?

So, here is where I need help. Do I start a new blog? This option doesn't feel right. This is my home. And, it would get very confusing. Micah is in every part of my life - for example, I just had to take a break from writing to go rock him to sleep (as he was refusing to go to bed at the appointed hour) so I feel it would be strange to separate myself into two blogs. Do I give this blog a new, catchy name? (Because, seriously, you see how amazingly original this blog's current title is. How did I ever come up with that? I know - I'm obviously extremely creative.) I feel like we need a new title anyway - with our second babe on the way.

Speaking of second babes - you all know how hard the wait is... and this time I'm learning too. It's not bad now (2 months in), but in 6 months... 8 months...10 months... well, it could get bad. So, I need to occupy my time. What better way to do it than to blog about my own self-indulgent obsessions?

I'd love feedback. I promise I won't bore you with ALL TWILIGHT ALL THE TIME. I promise. But, it might show up here and there. :) And, Micah will still be the star of this show. He's the star of my every day, so that won't change.

You'll just be getting a little bit more me. And now that I've written this ridiculously long post about it - perhaps I'll actually stop slacking and start posting more... that's the plan, at least.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, catching up here... in reverse order

This is what happens when your mom and dad keep you up until 11 p.m. on Saturday night, then you wake up at 6:30 a.m., then you go to church and refuse to play in the nursery, only to fall asleep on dad during church, then wake up and REFUSE to nap the rest of the day...

You fall asleep at 7:15 p.m.

Micah's bedtime is normally 8-8:30 p.m. and he is not one to fall asleep unless he is in bed, or in his carseat (and very tired). I was doing dishes while he was sitting in Kevin's lap and I turned around to check on him to find him snoozing. Sweet, tired boy.

Hey! How about some big-boys?

Is that the cutest? I love big-boy underwear. Micah is totally great with the potty training if he is naked, but the minute I put big-boys on him, it's over. It's a work in progress.

Micah had his first official swim lesson yesterday. He did so well - he jumps in, goes under, kicks his feet - I love watching. We decided that Kevin would be his partner in the pool - I have taught too many baby swim lessons in my life and I was afraid I'd get all pageant-mom with him in the pool. And, it gives Micah and dad a chance to do something fun together each week.

I think Micah was over it here.

And, Micah turned 2! Last week, I know - I'm late. We decided not to do a big party, but instead did lots of fun things with friends. On friday we went to two museums with our bud Nathaniel and his mom. We had lots of fun. Micah and Nathaniel really got along well.

On his birthday we took Micah to see Disney Playhouse Live. I have to admit it (and hate me if you must), I don't love Mickey Mouse. He bugs me. But, I do like his friend Donald. I was always more of a Donald kind of girl. And, the show also had the Little Einsteins (eh - okay) and Handy Manny (he's cool) so I figured I could put up with Mickey a little bit. Besides, Micah seems to love him and you all know the things we'll do for our children...

That night we came home and had cake with just the three of us. I made a snoopy cake and Micah seemed pretty excited about it.

It was a great second birthday. He still has a family celebration coming up - we had family out of town on his birthday so we wanted to wait for them to do anything. I wonder if I should make another awesome Snoopy cake? :)