Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Have a Four Year Old!

Wait, what?!  We have a four year old?  How and when did this little bean-ball turn into a big boy?

Yes, it's true.  Our little pumpkin-bum is a Big Boy.  He no longer wants to be called, "baby," for any reason, at any time.  He can spell and write his own name.  He can ride a BIG boy bike.  He is completely over the booster seat.  He fights with me about wearing a pull-up at night because, "Spiderman does not wear pull-ups."  (Of course Spiderman wears pull-ups to bed!  Duh.)  But, he can still crawl up into our arms and cuddlebug.  He is still only 30 lbs (yay! - we finally hit 30!), and is still small enough to curl up on my lap.  And... I love that.

Last weekend we celebrated with a party at a bouncy sportsy place.  The kids got to play soccer and then go bounce - they loved it.

Going down the big slide.  I'm still mad that I didn't make it down this slide!

The Birthday Boy in all of his glory.

And the Birthday Boy's adorable little sister.

Mic and his best girlfriend.  He calls her Gaga.  At the beginning of the party (when Gaga was late), I found Mic sitting all alone and asked, "What's wrong."  He replied, "Mom, I NEED Gaga."  They are adorable.
The Happy Birthday song!  We started the song before the cake was placed in front of him and he freaked out and made us all start over.  Apparently, we weren't doing it right.  And, he wanted to fully enjoy the moment. 

Opening presents with dad.  This was a Storm Trooper costume from Mimi - a big hit!

After opening his gifts, everyone clapped for Micah.  Kevin lifted him up and he appropriately raised his arm in the air.  He is clearly ready for his rock-star days.

On his actual birthday, we had a dinner at Momo & Papa's house.  This was where his BIG boy bike was waiting for him.

He loves his new bike.  After riding it around he said, "I don't even know where this came from!"   I told him it was from Mom, Dad, and Lia.  He immediately jumped off the bike, ran over to Lia and gave her a big hug.  Hugs for Kevin and I followed.  He's a sweet boy.
Mic's Aunt & Uncle gave him a doctor costume for his birthday.  He put it on and insisted everyone call him "Dr. Bacon."  One of his nicknames is Bacon Mouse due to his serious love of bacon, so I suppose it's only natural that he would be Dr. Bacon.  (Have I ever mentioned how hilarious Micah is?)
Our Big Boy Four Year Old.  Love this kid.
So, there you have it.  Micah's 4th birthday was a wild success and we are so excited to see what the next year brings us!

PS - I had to add this picture... because it is made of win...