Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Time Micah

Seriously, my child is growing up so fast. I know, it happens.

This week - he has peed on the big potty a total of 5 times. It's so crazy - he's not even two yet. Now, for you seasoned potty trainers who are jumping to tell me not to get too excited - I know. This could go away and it could be years before Micah is actually officially Potty Trained, capital P, capital T. But, it is still pretty exciting! (I even cried a bit the first time I saw him in action - weird, right?)

So, you want to know how it went down? The other night he was getting ready for a bath and came over to me (I was on the computer) and he, erm, grabbed his 'business'. So, I asked (completely kidding), "Do you have to go potty? Have dad take you." He grabbed dad's hand and off they went. I continued with my facebook addiction and they came back and both had huge grins. I didn't even believe Kevin when he told me that Micah had done it! So, we high fived and all that. The next night he was IN the bath and stood up, and again grabbed his business and said, "MOM." I asked if he had to go, he answered, "Yeh" and we went - and he went! He did the same thing the next night. Then, today he went twice after a shower.

The key here is that he's been naked each time. So, if we could just let him be naked all the time, maybe this would happen quickly. Too bad it's 20 degrees outside and poeple might think it strange if they see Micah running naked when they peer in our windows (our neighbors are nosy, really).

Okay, seriously, is that boring? I know I'll want to read about it someday, so, sorry to put you through that, but it's important. (Just as I'm sure Micah will find it important that I told the world about his first time peeing on the potty. At least I did not take pictures. Yet.)

And, pictures (of things other than Micah on the potty)...

Anyone remember Frog Towel? This is Micah's sultry look in Frog Towel.

Hanging out in the ol' Trailer Ride. Sweet.

This is what Mic does when you point a camera at him and say, "Cheese!" This is his cheese face. Yeah, it needs work. (But I do love this so much.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. : What Today Means to Me

This isn't easy to admit, but it's true.

Before we made the decision to become a trans-racial family, the day honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't mean much more to me than perhaps a day off work, a day to get some errands finished, and maybe catch something on the news about the marches. I never really got it, but I never tried.

I'm not going to claim that I get it now, but I'm trying. Today this day means so much more. It means that I have to do all I can to learn more, to understand more, and to do something more. I have to do this for myself, and for my children.

It means I need to listen to the speeches that this great man gave. I need to not only listen, but to hear - to hear in my heart the struggle, the enormous struggle he, and so many others, faced each day. The struggle that people continue to face today.

Yesterday in church I cried while we sang "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and decorated a tree with different colors to signify our commitment to embracing diversity. Five years ago that experience would have been comforting to me, but now it feels different. It feels imperative. It reminds me that, as white parents of a beautiful African boy, here in America, we have a lot of work to do. We meaning Kevin and I as parents, and We as a nation of people.

Micah is still too young to understand what today means to so many people. He is still too young to listen to speeches and to start to understand his heritage, his culture. That doesn't mean we don't start now. I want the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. to be one he knows, and knows well. I want him to know that I'm learning, I'm trying to understand, and hopefully he'll see someday that I'm doing. Hopefully someday he will be inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr., as so many others have been.

And so, as we read from our newly acquired book on Martin Luther King, Jr. before nap, this mama had to hold back the tears. I looked down and kissed my son and thanked God for the man that gave so much of himself for the struggle of African Americans, for peace, and for equality.

When we got home home from the bookstore today, Micah took his book and went to sit and read all by himself. It was very sweet. He also has never sat and listened to a whole book with so much text. He sat and listened to every word of this book.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

EKC Pictures, a Book, and a Favor

After I posted yesterday, I realized I have forgotten to post pictures from our EKC event last week. It was a great day - we had a lunch at our local Ethiopian restaurant and had more people than ever! The owner of the restaurant, Henok, also told us all that he and his family are adopting from Ethiopia! How amazing is that? Pretty amazing.

Another thing that was amazing was to see Micah & Mamush running around playing together. Here is one of the first pictures ever taken of these two boys together - at the House of Hope in Ethiopia...

And here they are now (with cute Noah) - all of them crazy toddler boys!!

This one is just cute - you can't see it, but Mamush is running after Micah here, or maybe Micah is running after Mamush...

In other exciting news... we received our copy of From Ashes to Africa by Josh & Amy Bottomly! I'm so excited to read it, although I'm saving it for later this week. I will be posting about it after I've read it, but I'm pretty sure it will be the best book ever. You should just go ahead and order yours now. (Micah is flipping through it as I type - he agrees that you should order it too.)

And finally, a favor. I have a friend who is a finalist in a wedding contest. She and her fiance could win a wedding - and I think they really deserve it. Their story is very cute - they met at their 10 year high school reunion and fell in love. If you want to help make their dream come true - go vote here. Click on "Vote" and then vote for Betsey & Scott - Couple #3! (My pageant-mom tendencies are coming out again - I really want them to win!! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Updates on Baby Girl & Micah

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've posted. Lame-o.

Update on baby #2 -
We're still sitting at #111 on the wait list. That is the number we got when we went on the list and I haven't heard of any referrals since then, so I figure that's about where we still are. We're also looking at a longer process because of the wait time from referral to travel. It is about 3-4 months right now. Last time it was 6 weeks. I have to REALLY mentally prepare myself for a longer wait this time. I think it was easy last time because I didn't really have time to think - it all happened so fast. And, I remember other moms asking me things like, "Is it driving you crazy - not being there and knowing someone else is taking care of him?" I felt fine knowing the nannies were taking care of him and didn't really worry. Now, however, I am a mom and I understand that question just a little bit better.

Update on Micah -
Micah is having a verbal explosion lately! It is amazing to hear him repeat words and put together sentences. His favorite sentence is still, "I want SNAAAAAAAAACK." I really need to try and get video of this because it is so funny. He also says the following words (and I am doing this so I don't forget someday): Dog (or Woof - he calls dogs woofs), shoe, bye, juice, Wow, I want get out, I want down, Dad work, book, and more that I can't remember at the moment.

He is also repeating a lot and trying to say things - sometimes it is comprehensible, sometimes not so much. He is getting very good at animal sounds - he woofs for dogs, moos for cows, does a weird high-pitched meeeeeooooh for cats. He also calls milk "moo" which is really cute. I think it is because of the cow on the carton.

I know there is a lot more that he is doing and saying, but my mind is blank. So, I'll leave you with these short videos of Micah's new favorite toy. (Sorry they are sideways!) Later, we turned it into a house...

Good times we are having with a simple brown box!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Two's are Coming! The Two's are Coming!

I remember back before I had children when I would say (in my all-knowing, soon-to-be-mama voice), "The terrible two's? They can't be that bad. I'm sure each age has it's difficulties." Uh-huh. Right. For every judgment I ever made about motherhood, Micah has been there to prove that I knew nothing. He is my teacher as I try to learn about this thing called parenthood.

My current lesson is that the terrible two's do exist, and we're getting a preview. For us, this is about testing the limits. Micah wants to be more independent (i.e. NO more highchair) and wants to do more, but gets frustrated easily when he can't communicate what he wants or when we say no when we do understand what he wants (i.e. a cookie for breakfast). When I say no to something, he will either melt down or follow me around for what seems like an hour saying, "MOM! MOM! MOM!! I want it!" I am learning that consistency is very important with Micah and I cannot give in - he knows how to wear us down.

Along with the tantrums and melt-downs, however, is the magic of watching him learn and grow. He is starting to do a lot of imaginative play (making us 'sauce' in his kitchen and bringing us a taste) and LOVES to climb. He also loves play-doh, although he still needs help with that. He is also aware of certain things - such as Starbucks. He knows that if mom gets a special drink, he gets a Horizon milk with a straw. (Micah really, really loves straws.) So, if we pass a Starbuck's, he will point and yell, "MOM! MOM! I want juice!" How's that for brand recognition? :)

His vocabulary is also starting to blossom. Some people questioned why he wasn't talking much, but we really never worried about it. He's 22 months now and has a way of communicating with both words and signs. His favorite thing to say (and he says it first thing when I greet him in the morning) is, "I want snack," while also signing for "eat."

As always, Micah still makes us laugh, a lot. He is a character - loves to be the center of attention, loves to make silly faces and loves to wear things that you wouldn't think of wearing. We think he's pretty amazing, even if the two's are coming.

Typical Micah-face.

Play-doh. It's like magic - stops a tantrum in it's tracks. What cookie? I have play-doh!

His Aunt Alisa taught him that play-doh makes gorgeous necklaces and headpieces.

Yes, that is my contact case. If you lose anything in our house, check Micah's kitchen first - you will probably find it in the microwave or the oven.

This is still making me giggle. Our dog pickle chewed a tiny hole in Micah's blanket that keeps growing (love that dog). Uncle Rob showed him how to wear his blanket, which he now loves to do. He walks around proudly with his blanket flowing behind him.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching up after the holidays

Wow. It was a busy holiday season for us! We went to Ohio for Christmas this year, which was a lot of fun. My in-laws house was full so we stayed at a hotel (we love staying at hotels) which meant 3 nights of Micah sleeping in between us. We loved it. He will not sleep with us at home (he prefers his crib) so I love when he does it - love falling asleep holding his hand and seeing his sweet sleeping face in the morning. He did, however, get sick in Ohio on Christmas day (tummy trouble) so that was not much fun. Of course Kevin and I got it 1 day after we got home - on the same day - again, not fun.

Here are some of the highlights from our time in Ohio...

Helping Grandma cook. I cried a little bit while taking this picture. Kevin always says he decided to be a chef after helping his mom cook while growing up, so it was very cool to see Micah doing the same thing his dad once did.

Opening presents with dad on Christmas morning.

Micah loved this big wheel (his cousin's) but wasn't big enough to push the pedals. That made him mad.

When we got home we had Christmas all over again...

Kevin got a drum pad. Micah really likes it.

I got new jeans. I was very excited.

Micah got Power Wheels. He absolutely loves it. He rides it all the time.

Hope your holiday was wonderful! Happy New Year!