Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old News

I have lots to discuss, but it's all old news so I figured I'd just give you some snippets from the past month...

*Blog Union! Okay, yes, definitely old news, but I have to say how much fun I had seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Micah had an amazing time in Chicago - mainly because of the over abundance of public transportation. He rode the train (the L?), he rode a bus (he insisted on riding a bus) and of course, taxis. He loved it.

I especially loved that I got to see - wait no - MEET! - my very good friend Laura. She and I talk a lot about things - our kids, husbands, life, Twilight... so I felt like I already knew her when I met her. Needless to say, she is a wonderful person - funny, filled with spirit and spunk, and just a very, very good friend to have. I'm so happy we finally got to meet. Oh- and her kids are beautiful and fun as well.

Laura, Max & Mimi. Max was not into it. But he still looks adorable. :)

Laura and I with LAURA's Pocket Edward (I'm not the only one! :)

Shoulder rides with Josh & Silas

*Trains. Micah's fascination with trains is still riding high. He still wakes up asking to go to the Woo-Woo. We recently took a trip out to a small train... um... place? Anyway - it's a place where they let you ride these little trains and they have real miniature steam engines. Very cute. He was dressed for the part...

Waiting for the train

Very seriously waiting for the train


*The Lake. We went to the Lake with family and friends in August and Micah reallyreallyreally loved it. Last year he was too small to get into the whole idea of swimming in the lake or riding the sea doo or tubing... but this year - he was all about it. He swam (with a life jacket of course) and wouldn't let anyone touch him. He also jumped off the dock into the water (where I was waiting). It's at least a two foot jump. He's very brave. And - he got on the tube with me and loved every minute. He was mad when we stopped. It became very clear that our child is not afraid of much. Except for the Ice Cream Truck, but that's a whole other story....

Riding the sea doo with Kevin

Riding the tube - clearly I'm having too much fun

Micah and Kevin swimming

Micah and Papa caught a fish. It's really small - but it's there. Promise.

I let Micah have a root beer
(Iknow, Iknow..but he was seriously so stinking happy. It's worth it.)

And I let PE have a PBR