Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The cutest puppy dog in town...

Dad & Micah - on our way to visit Mimi

George, Chuck & Micah

BFFs - Micah is cracking me up leaning on Chuck - I don't think he could move! :)

This is one of his classic funny faces.

The hat is off and he's rollin'!

Micah had a lot of fun tonight! We went up and down our street and stopped at a few houses. He got a book from our neighbor (so sweet), some animal crackers from another neighbor (they had them special just for him) and then some candy for mom & dad from the rest of the houses. :)

After trick or treating we all played at our friends' house - 11 kids all together! Micah sat up and played with S (who is 8 months older) and they were stealing toys from each other - so cute. He also did a bunch of rolling - I took some video, so if I can just figure out how to post it...

Happy Halloween - hope you all had a great time! :)

Pumpkin Carving Party

A while back I posted about how much I love Halloween and how I looked forward to having a little one with us for this fun holiday. Last night Micah went to his first Pumpkin Carving Party. Every year all of the families (well, our friends - not really all of the families!) that live in this area get together with their little ones to carve pumpkins. We've been doing it for about 4 years and it is always fun. Micah had a great time last night - although of course he had no clue what was going on!

This is funny - in the group, there are three babies that are 8-9 months older than him and they all, for some reason, want to take his binky out of his mouth. He's pretty used to it and they usually try to shove it back in his mouth, with all of our hand flying to make sure they're gentle. :) But last night, he got brave and took little S's binky out of her mouth! It was hilarious. (Maybe you had to be there :)

Here are some pics from last night...

Mitch holds Micah while I light his pumpkin...

Mitch and his pumpkin - quite a work of art!

Gracie (aka Mitch's Sister - we gave her a new nickname) holds Micah while I light her pumpkin..

Gracie and her pumpkin - this is really cool - she made a face out of hearts - here is it all lit up...

I am so impressed with Gracie's pumpkin!

Dad busy carving the pumpkin Micah picked out.

One of the binky thieves - I know it's hard to believe with a sweet face like that! :)

SO - Have a great Halloween tonight! Finally we are going to have a rain-free Halloween here! It has rained for the past 3 years! So, Micah's first Halloween will be dry - thank goodness. I'll post pics of him in his cutie costume later!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Adoption Announcements, Thanks You's, etc.

Back when I was looking for thank you cards for our shower, I kept picking up those note cards with a picture of a baby, or of baby's feet, but there was always one problem, the baby and the feet did not look like our baby - they were always white feet. I remember thinking that there needed to be an option for African American families and for families like ours. So, I'm happy to say that The Dalai Mama has helped to fill the void. She has created notecards, thank you cards, adoption announcements and even blank notecards that reflect families like ours. The thank you cards are adorable, and she also has blank notecards that have scenes from Ethiopia on them - I can't think of better thank you cards for a baby shower. I only wish she would have had them back when I was searching for ours. But, I can at least let you all know about them - her store is at
The best part about her store is that a portion of her proceeds are sent to help children in Ethiopia attend school, so you are not only getting perfect notecards, (or beautiful photography for that matter) but you are helping children in Ethiopia.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Moment

I just spent the last hour downloading all of these wonderful pictures from Sharon (our CHI Ethiopia Program Director). She sent them a while ago, but it took forever to download them so I just now got to it. Anyway, I have never posted pictures of the MOMENT. The moment we first laid eyes on our son... the moment that it all began to be real. So, without further ado..

Micah sleeping in Ethiopia - before we arrived

We made it! Coming through the airport in Ethiopia. We were so excited, tired, anxious, tired, wide awake - all of it.

Tsegay (our in-country rep) and his wife Almaz with Kevin & I at the airport.

This is it - the first time Micah & I ever saw each other. I can't even begin to describe the emotions of this moment. I wanted to cry and laugh all at once.

My first time holding our son. Happiness.

My first kiss for Micah.

Happy Mom & Dad

So, I finally let Dad hold his son. He was so proud.

Such a great moment - when Micah looked up at his Dad for the first time.

It has almost been three months since we've been home. Seeing these pictures brings it all back - it reminds me of this little miracle that is our son. Our little miracle who is currently fast asleep after a busy day of teething, rolling, playing, laughing and crying a bit (teething hurts!). I am constantly in awe of him - the way he likes to fall asleep in my arms with his arm stretched out so he can touch me, the way he flaps his arms and kicks his legs when he likes something, his big, goofy grin (now with the addition of one cute little tooth!), and his sweet sleeping face (with that blue bear from the pictures right along side him still). We are so, so blessed.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Micah's on the Move

Just wanted to post and share that Micah has started rolling - everywhere. He used to be very content to stay on his back... well, content for about 5 minutes and then he would get upset and want us to pick him up. Everyone said we should just leave him... everyone except our pediatrician and our Parent Educator - they said he needed us to pick him up and he wouldn't always need that, but for now, go ahead and soothe him. That all felt right to me, so that's the advice we followed (besides - they're experts). And now - he's done it - he's moving, rolling and, really in two short days, figuring out that he can move and that it's fun! It is amazing to watch him figure this stuff out. So now, all of a sudden, he is content to roll around and play- for much longer than 5 minutes. Kevin and I were laying down with him tonight and he actually got mad if we were in his way :) Not mad that we weren't picking him up, but that he couldn't keep rolling! So cute. (We moved, of course!) So, I just had to share this because I'm a pretty proud mama right now!

Sorry no pics yet of him rolling - but I'm working on it. I do have video, but I have to figure out how to share video first! So, since I hate to post without a picture, here's a cute one from a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This week

OK - so I admit that I did have the bumbo on an elevated surface. But, don't come to get me yet! It was always with close attention because I was usually doing his hair or taking his picture (i.e. he was always "attended"). Such as this adorable picture...(the adorable hat was made by Mindy - she does awesome stuff - knitting and embroidery - her email address is at the right if you're interested in one for your little one!)

The other good thing about the elevated surface was that the doggies could not get in his face - something I constantly tell them NOT to do. (They just love him so much.) As you can see, with our new arrangement, the dogs feel free to come up and say hello to Micah...

Yep, it's the exersaucer from here on out for hairdos and pictures and maybe even a shower here and there. :) The bumbo will remain on the floor where it's supposed to stay.

We also had some fun this week with Mamush and Minnow, who came to visit the other day. Minnow is just so cute with Micah - he kept taking his binky and then giving it back. Very sweet...

And, Micah and Mamush had their usual session of playing together on the floor - touching each other's heads, etc. :) Cute boys!

And, finally, we got a new bathtub this week. It's one of those blow-up kind that fit in your tub. Basically, he hated it and we had to put the big yellow back supporter in the tub for him to enjoy it. I'm thinking of starting Parent/Tot swim lessons next week - he used to love the water and yesterday he kind of hated it. Besides, I used to teach Parent/Tot lessons - so of course I've always wanted to do it when I had a tot. :)

So, here is Micah in his new tub. This picture makes me LAUGH - but don't be fooled - that stream of water is actually from a tub toy. :) Still funny.

No! Not the Bumbo!

How sad am I that the Bumbo is being recalled? VERY SAD! Micah loves his bumbo seat, so he's very sad too. We're in mourning. Is anyone else upset by the bumbo recall?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yesterday we took Micah to the pumpkin patch. Although we were not happy with our choice of patch we still took some fun pictures and Micah was enthralled with the pumpkins. We promised him that next year we would go to the best pumpkin patch in town. At least this year he didn't know that it wasn't the most fun patch around. :) We actually didn't even buy our pumpkins there, we went to the local nursery where our friends work and got two punkies. Moral of the story - always research your pumpkin patch!! (I'm a little crazy about this because Halloween is my favorite!)

When we were picking out our pumpkin - our friend Neal would pick one up and we would say, "No - not that one." Then he picked up a nice big one and Micah started kicking his legs and flapping his arms and laughing. SO - that was our pumpkin! Cutie Micah picked out his first pumpkin. I can't wait to take his Christmas tree shopping!

Here are some pics...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Exciting News from Hallmark!

Well, exciting to me anyway because I love cards - love sending them, love receiving them... Anyway, Hallmark has joined the Product Red campaign - they have cards and even wrapping paper (I also love wrapping paper, although I know it is bad for the environment - will this help ease my guilt?). Thanks to the Breedlove Family for pointing this out!

On the topic of cards- I have finished designing the announcements for Micah. Yep, a little slow, but whatever, I've been busy! I love them even though I wanted to get a bit more creative than I did, but that was my old life, when I had lots of time for creative stuff like that. Now my creative energy is spent making up silly songs and dances to keep Micah entertained (who am I kidding - I'm entertained by it too - watching him crack up is the best thing EVER!).

Here is Micah when he likes my singing and dancing (see he's joining in)...

And, here he is when he is bored by my singing and dancing... :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm It

I've been tagged again. I say 'again' because I was recently tagged by Erica, but I was tired (read: lazy) and didn't get to it. Sorry Erica! I've now been tagged by Bethany, and I don't want to win the bad blogger award, so here goes...

Jobs I've had:
-restaurant server, manager, event coordinator
-swim lessons teacher and swim team coach
-salon coordinator
-lifetime student :)

Places I've lived:

Food I love:
-French onion dip
-smoked trout or salmon
-Italian food

Places I'd rather be:
-Wine country - I've always wanted to go to wine country in the fall (in CA I mean)
-Ethiopia - we already want to go back
-A beach would be nice, of course
-Out to dinner at my favorite restaurant with my husband (Micah is already asleep so he can't come tonight :)

Favorite T.V. Shows:
-Grey's Anatomy
-Ace of Cakes (my new late-night obsession)
-Family Guy (I know it's offensive, but it makes me laugh!)
-Rachel Ray (I'm now home during the day - Micah naps during this time, so there it is - I'm watching daytime tv)

Books I love: I can't answer this - too many!!! so I'll cheat:
-Right now reading "Eat, Pray, Love"
-Just finished "Loving Frank" (LOVE this book!!!)
-Before that "Jesus Land" - an interesting book about a transracial family in the 1980s (a memoir)

People I'm tagging:
Christina & Jill
Oh - and (even though she probably won't do it and she will win the bad blogger award) Julia

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

O H...I O

We finally made it up to Ohio to visit Kevin's family. Micah was a dream on the plane (both ways) - he slept in our arms for the short flight and was very good at the airport waiting on the flights. (Not at all like our flight home from Ethiopia... I'll probably post about that someday soon - I think I'm almost ready to re-live it. :)

We were also lucky enough to meet up with another CHI family while we were in Ohio. They already have their referral for a sibling group - one little girl and her baby brother who we met while we were in Ethiopia at the House of Hope. We were so happy to meet this family because we really think the world of these two little ones - it is nice to see the wonderful family they are going to be a part of. :) Mark & Christi treated us to some brownies from Sugardaddy's, where Mark is the executive chef. Oh my goodness - SO YUMMY! Definitely go order some! There is a chocolate raspberry one that is my favorite and I also liked the pumpkin one (it might be called Harvest or something)... oh, and the Tahitian (I think that is the name) is also so yummy. You know what - they're all good - just get yourself some! :)

And, I have to post a picture... I promise I did not put this Cheerio where it is! He is hilarious with the Cheerio's!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Adventures with a Sippy Cup

Micah LOVES the sippy cup - actually, he just loves water from any cup. But, it is hilarious to watch him learn how to do this himself. He's getting quite good at it, but as you can see, it was a process...

Ummm... no, that will not work




Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Four Years Ago...

...we got married! Four years ago today was our beautiful wedding day. We had our wedding at the City Museum - in the Architecture Hall. It was so much fun. I just realized (after looking at the website) that they have a picture from our day on their website. Very cool...

Our reception was at Windows off Washington - which is on the top floor of the City Museum. We had such a fun night- and the funniest part of it was that, five minutes until the band was to be finished and the bar was to close, there was a fire on the second floor! (We were on the 10th floor). This is only funny because no one was hurt - it wasn't that serious. I was a bit scared at first of course! I remember finding Kevin and then we rode the elevator down - ummm... not something you're supposed to do when there is a fire - right? Oh well, we made it anyway... here are some shots from the scene on the street after fleeing the building!

Kevin thought it was very funny to have the fire department at our wedding!

I was still in a bit of shock!

So, it was a wonderful day, but what has been most wonderful is the past four years (or seven total if you're counting). We have had some ups and downs, but we've made it through them and are stronger because of them. I feel so lucky to have found Kevin - he is my best friend, he makes me laugh at least once a day, and he is so caring and supportive. My favorite thing about my husband is that he is not afraid to have fun - be goofy and just laugh.

And, now I am lucky enough to share parenthood with him, and again, he is amazing. Micah lights up when he comes home and Kevin does the same when he sees his son. Kevin will do anything (including wear a bumbo on his head) to make that baby smile and I just love watching the two of them together. They are my guys and I am one happy girl. :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Got Injera?

Friday we went to Meskerem - an Ethiopian restaurant here. We had a great time and Micah tried injera for the first time (that we know of). He also tried some chickpea stuff (it was part of the veg combo platter, so I'm not sure what it is called) and really liked that. The owner, Enoch, talked to us again and was excited to see Micah Yabsira home. Our server, Hanah, was also excited to see him- she took him in her arms and joked, "Bye Mommy!" Micah had fun - he smiled at everyone and was even smiling when I walked him around to show him the paintings and the pictures. Cute boy.

Here he is eating his Ethiopian food (Uncle Ryan is holding him). You can see from the mess he's making that he likes it.

Apparently, he also likes to eat menus...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Big Sis

My big sister Bonnie is in town this week. She and her family live in the Pacific Northwest, so they only come in town about once a year. This year, obviously, is extra special because Micah is meeting his cousins and his aunt Bonnie. Her husband is off to Costa Rica to find them a place to live for the next nine months! Nice! Hopefully we'll be visiting Costa Rica early next spring. My nephew S. said the funniest thing ever tonight - his brother L. was whining and this is what followed:

Bonnie: Are you whining? I keep telling you that we don't speak "whinese" here! :)
S.: But mom, whinese is your favorite drink!

I'm still laughing at that one.

We have been having a fun week - we've been out to dinner, had dinner at all the grandparents' houses, we've gone to the library, and we went to the Butterfly House, which was a lot of fun.

This is Bonnie trying to fit 3 carseats into the back of my outback. :) Micah reaching out to S. reminds me of the picture of cutie Silas reaching out to make friends on Amy's site.


Bonnie and her boys at the butterfly house.
Ummm.... how cute is this - my little butterfly boy? I'm sure Kevin (and someday Micah) will hate this picture, but I think it is ADORABLE!! :)

This is one of the first times Micah met aunt Bonnie - he was pretty tired at this point, but trust me, he was very excited at the beginning of the night. :0)