Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been a whole year...

I can't believe it's been a year since we first saw this sweet, tiny face...

We like to call this one Lia's Mini-Me pose.

Can you even believe that itty-bitty baby is now our big girl?  I remember that our referral was joyous, but also a time of fear, as they had Lia Makbe's birth-date showing that she was almost 7 months old when this picture was taken.  It took us a while to realize that her birth-date was most likely wrong (and it was), so those first few weeks were filled with worry.  But, then we started to receive pictures like this one...

and like this one...
We seriously questioned whether she was the same baby, but mostly we breathed sighs of relief.  She was growing (GROWING!) and obviously very healthy.  And now?  She's a beautiful, big chunkalove with a squishy belly and the most kissable cheeks ever. 

Seriously, can you stand it?  I smooch those cheeks all day long.
And?  She's starting to walk, and dance!  (Well, she actually started dancing before she could walk, to be honest.)

 We're so happy she is home and is our little Lia Makbe.  Our hilarious, loud, lovable, smoochable, baby girl.


  1. Happy referralversary!! Can't believe it's been a year and my my my how she's grown. Big hugs Miss Lia!!!

  2. This made me think that this summer will be 3 years since Zo came home and 5 since Noah did. It seems like just yesterday we got their referrals--Zo's was 3 years ago in Feb and Noah's 5 years ago this May. It's crazy.

    She's amazing and we are so lucky to have been apart of both of your journeys. Love to you all.


  3. Wow what a cutie! Love the dance moves.

  4. Happy "first time I saw your face" day!!!! What a sweetie :)

  5. She is so darn cute!!! Congrats on a year of being a family of four! So much fun!