Monday, December 3, 2007

Micah Loves Santa

This past weekend our agency had their annual holiday party - complete with a visit from Santa. We were a little nervous about how Micah might respond to being put on Santa's lap, but he did great! At first, he just kept looking up at Santa, and then back at us.

But then he decided he loved Santa and was almost jumping up & down in Santa's lap. Big smiles. (the crowd loved it :)

Since the Ethiopia program is new at CHI, we were the only Ethiopia family there. But, lots of people had seen our referral video and his pictures on the CHI blog and in the newsletter, so he was like a mini-celebrity. People kept coming up to us and saying, "I've seen your pictures!" It was cute. We also got a lot of questions about the program from families who are thinking of adopting from Ethiopia, so hopefully next Christmas we'll have more Ethiopia families at the Holiday party.

That night we went to visit our friends - and Micah got to hang out with Mitch, Gracie, George & Chuck. Chuck (who is 19 months) was totally into Micah. When we first came home with Micah, Chuck would lay on the floor and scream when he saw him, but now they are quickly becoming BFFs.

(Notice Chuck holding Micah's binky - he always goes right for it :)

Sweet boy that he is, Chuck got down on the floor like Micah to play.

Gracie (who is 8) was happy to hold Micah for a picture for the blog (she's an avid reader). But, this one cracks me up - Micah had just spit up all over her.

Happier now that I cleaned up the mess...

And, finally, here are two that I think speak for themselves...


  1. How exciting for Micah to have his first meeting with Santa & how cute that he loved it so much. It must be so wonderful to take in all these new and special "Firsts" with him! BTW, I love the pictures in his Santa cap. Can I get on your Christmas card list, too? ;)

  2. Stacie,
    I love it! He's soo cute with Santa!!Oh yeah, about that Christmas card list......:)

  3. right! I didn't even think of that! I guess we will still have a "winter baby"!!

    I love the picture of Micah looking at Santa - I think Amy Bottomly has a picture of Silas just like that! How cute!

  4. Yes, Amy Bottomly does have a picture of Silas looking just like that! Micah and Silas are destined to be friends...they are even wearing similar shirts in the pictures!

    Micah's hair is growing so much! love it.