Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Micah's First Tree!

Picking out and decorating the Christmas tree is always a special time for us. Five years ago, Kevin asked me to marry him while we were decorating the tree - our engagaversary is Saturday. (No - he did not rip off the Helzberg commercial and put the ring on an ornament! :) Christmas is Kevin's favorite holiday - and the tree has been something that we look forward to each year.

Picking it out - well, I have been known to cry at the tree lot. Yes, this is weird. Yes, I am weird. But, for some reason, I always feel sorry for the little scraggly tree, and yes, that is usually the one we get. For the past few years, we have gone to the tree lot with high expectations of finally getting a bigger, fuller tree. But, we always come home with the most sad looking tree - even if we thought it looked perfect at the lot. But, we love our sad little trees. It's a family tradition. Maybe someday we'll have a big ol' tree, but not yet.

This year was no different - we picked out a small tree but thought it looked great. (You must note that it was sitting off to the side all by itself... yep - that was probably what did it for me.)

We got it home, put it up and then laughed - the branches were haphazardly placed, with big gaps and goofy ones that stuck out of nowhere. This is a little embarrassing, but we even put it up on blocks to make it taller. I know - so fancy! But they are covered by the tree skirt - so it's not as bad as you think (only a little bit as bad as you think :)

Oh well! We'd make it work! We always do. So, tonight we decorated the tree. Micah was up for the lights to be added and turned on, and to add a very special ornament. His ornament...

(I know - we all have one of these.) I put it on the tree and told him it was for him, because he is our inspiration. Then I cried a little bit. Then he took it off the tree and proceeded to eat it. It was obviously very emotional for him as well.

I put him to bed and Kevin and I finished decorating - my favorite part about decorating is finding all of those ornaments from years past and remembering who gave them to us and what memories they hold. I used to dream of a martha-like tree with all one style of ornaments, but this year I realized how much I love all of the different ones we've collected over the years. And, I'm sure the future will bring us more - homemade ornaments from Micah, etc. I look forward to that! :) Anyway, here is the finished product. I think we did okay with what we had! (It looks prettier in person - all lit up.)

It's a little goofy, but we love it. Oh, and this also made me cry tonight...

See Micah's new stocking? (The other three are for the dogs :) Seeing that there just makes me very happy. I'm very happy. My Christmas wish is that all of you who are waiting - just beginning, waiting for a referral, or getting ready to travel - that you all have this same joy next Christmas!


  1. I love the tree and how emotional Micah became over his ornament:-) You guys did a great job on your first tree as a family!!

  2. That tree pre-decoration is the saddest tree I have seen. But you made it awesome. I am the total opposite--I have to have the perfectly shaped tree and just the right size. Our tree is big and round and full. But I think your tree is just as pretty.

    I remember hanging a stocking for our little one last year and it is so very special. I am glad your Christmas is extra special this year.

  3. Ahh I love the tree - I love seeing Micah's stocking up there even more and I'm just thrilled for you and your sweet family. What awesome memories and I for one don't have that ornament but I must get it. ;) For next year of course. :)

  4. I love the look on Micah's face...he is so animated!!!

    I've decided to leave my stockings and tree up until I get home from Ethiopia so we can have a mini-Christmas. Amari won't remember it but Mommy sure will!

    Not to mention, I get to spend Ethiopian Christmas in Ethiopia.

  5. You crack me up! I can relate to the scraggly tree thing. Somehow they always look a little fuller out in the woods! I'm such a bah humbug this year, but I figure it's the last year we'll go without a tree. Anyways, you make it sound very fun!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Okay a couple of things are really Funny interesting about your post.

    1- Our engagaversary is on Saturday as well (however we won't talk about how Jeff proposed! :-)...haha just kidding it was cute). So HAPPY ENGAGAVERSARY!!

    2- The last 4 years i've always done the Martha stewart Tree that is big and fabulous with matching balls and sparklies. Well this year I just felt like going back to my traditional roots. I pulled out 2 full boxes of ornaments that have been given to Jeff and I since we were little kids. Our tree looks CRAZY, but I smile at the love of family that is on every branch. Bringing family together and sharing it has just been SOOO important now a days..... :-)

    Merry Christmas! Much LOVE To your family,

  7. Ohh by the way

    Your Tree IS BEAUTIFUL (even if it is on blocks).

    The stocking makes my heart melt.

    And of Course as Always I luuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv my Little Micah Pictures!! Adorable as always!

  8. Stacie, I love the tree! I'm a sucker for the sad, scraggly trees, too. But, its love that makes them so special. And the mish-mash of different ornaments - I love that, too!

  9. How cute! I bet he's enjoying all the festivities.

  10. I LOVE the fact that you get the Charlie Brown tree!! That's so me (well part me cuz I'm half Jewish)!! And loved your engagement story. SWEET!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Your post made be want to laugh and cry! Your tree is so cute and I love that you are so happy and tearful all at the same time! How special to have Micah's stocking hung.
    Happy Holidays!

  12. Beautiful write-up! I am so happy that you were able to finally put up that, well, sixth stocking (never forgetting the dogs). And I loved that Micah loved his ornament. It was kisses he was giving it- pure, loving, slobbery kisses.

    As for picking out your tree... your words make me smile. Had you read my write-up regarding CHOPPING down our tree? I HATE doing that. I get semi-emotional regarding the trees neighboring friends. I get semi-emotional for all the animals that weren't able to say good-bye to their tree friend before we stole it away from it's home. See- you're not as crazy as you think. I'm the freaky one.

    By the way- your tree looks loved and gorgeous. Well done!

  13. Our 5 year engagaversary is on Christmas. Can't believe it is barely about a week and a half away! Our tree is a bit smaller like yours I think, but it's anartificial. One of these years, we'll get a real tree. I've never had one; it's always been artificials for as log as I remember.

  14. I think my favorite picture is of Micah eating the ornament :) I can't wait for next Christmas when we have our little baby to share it with!!

  15. Too cute and too sweet. Love the tree...You guys are authentic and get real trees. We are fakers in this household. :)

    Nice picture of Micah with his hand on his ornament....It looks as if he was really decorating the tree himself. :)

  16. Stacie, you have the best tree on the BLOCK! ha! ha! ha!
    Micah always makes the cutest faces!

  17. That is too cute. My mom started a tradition with my sisters where she gave us all of our childhood ornaments as a wedding gift, so now every Christmas when we decorate our tree we get to reminisce about growing up and share stories about when the ornaments were made or given. It's so much fun.