Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bling Santa

Ok - first I added a poll to see what we think of the new blog. I am not in love with it yet, but I haven't found anything else that I like more than this one...

Now, on to Santa. Last night we went to visit Santa and he was so funny! I'm not joking - he had on a big ol' black belt, with a big ol' black belt buckle that said "Santa" in gold script. Awesome! You can't really see it in this picture of a picture, but he was definitely stylin'.

Micah was having a good time too - he still loves Santa. He was actually squirming out of my arms to go to Santa. Cute little one. Also - see Micah's shoes? Those cute pumas? I was so excited to get those and he's already almost grown out of them! Not to mention the horror of trying to put shoes on him and then tie them in double-knots. After last night I decided I was finished with that so I went and got some Robeez booties. I got the idea to get these booties from Silas - he's such a trendsetter! Here's how cute Micah looks in his...

They are so great - no fighting with kicking legs - just slip these little booties right on! Mom's happy, baby's happy. Yay! Kevin's first reaction to the booties was, "Hey- Napolean Dynamite." (Remember his moon boots? They are kind of similar.)

But now he thinks they're pretty cute.

Micah is also a rolling fool nowadays. He rolled from the kitchen to the front room, then down the hallway, then into the bathroom where he got stuck under the cabinet. I had to call Kevin to tell him. It's so cute to watch him get more independent. He is also sitting up by himself really well- only a few bumps when mom or dad aren't fast enough to catch him. (Nothing serious, mind you.)

Micah is also loving the tub lately. That is his "dad-time" - Kevin does tub after dinner while I clean up, so they have good bonding time. They splash a lot and I can always hear him squealing in there. Since I love tub pics - here are a couple...



  1. Cute cute cute!!

    and Mamush has those boots, too!! A new friend gave them to us just last weekend - her son had outgrown 'em. So, it was really neat - I went to a football game and came home with some cool boots!

  2. Haha! I like that Kevin thinks his boots are like Napolean's...that made me did the story of him getting stuck under the counter. lol

  3. Any kid who has Napoleon Dynamite-style boots is cool in my book! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  4. Too funny. Ohhh the stories Micah will hear when he gets older. You know we think these are CUTE boots, but when Micah grows up and looks at these pictures he's going to say just what Dad said!!!

    I love em' Where did you get them?


  5. Alright Micah! Cute boots! I never really thought they looked like Napoleons before, but I guess they kind of do...In a really cool, hip, trendy, cute way. I still love Silas' will be pleased. :)

    Josh gives Silas his baths every night too....Fun!