Thursday, December 27, 2007


Micah's first Christmas is over - it was a wonderful two days, but we were EXHAUSTED!

On Christmas Eve I spent the day cooking my Ethiopian feast - I made shiro wat, doro wat, and lasagna (we had it in Ethiopia!). Micah really liked the shiro - he kicked his feet for more. I must say, even though my doro looked nothing like the doro I've had before, I was pretty impressed with myself for cooking the meal. Kevin is the chef here and my specialties are limited to fish sticks and mac n cheese. (Pretty fancy, I know.) I put on a small scarf I had bought in Addis and wore it for inspiration all day (the UPS man stopped by and gave me the STRANGEST look ever :). I wish I had a picture, just to show you all what a big dork I am, but I was too busy simmering for pictures.

Here is the table - I used the shawls I got from Ethiopia for chair covers - pretty nifty huh?

My mom and I - the Bean was still napping when she got there so we relaxed a bit before he woke up.My doro wat simmering...

Kevin was getting into the holiday mood...

Micah was dressed in his traditional Ethiopian outfit for the occasion. He looked very cute...

Micah & Mimi

Our Family

We opened gifts from Mimi that night - Micah was a little confused by this, but he had fun...

This was his Radio Flyer wagon!

His Rody - a little inflatable donkey-thing that he can bounce on - very cute!

Typical baby - he was more interested in the ribbons. :)

If you can believe it - we then went down the street to our friends' house to give their kids their gifts and they gave Micah a really cool ball popper.

Chuck was way into it - he kept screaming & laughing at the balls as they popped up. Micah is so smart - when a ball would pop out - he would put it back in. My little genius. :)

This is just cute - it is one of those tunnels and Micah thought it was great. I'm definitely getting one! (Unless Chris hands it down to us first :)

Like I said, Whoosh! That was just Christmas Eve! That night, as I was changing him into his jammies (and we were both exhausted), I told him the story of Christmas and how one of the wise men was King Balthazar from Ethiopia. I also told him how much we love him and how happy we are that he is here with us for his first Christmas. Sweet boy.

I'll post Christmas pictures soon!


  1. I am glad dinner turned out great, Micah looks so cute in his Ethiopian outfit!!!

  2. The dinner looks yummy, M. is definitely a genius and I love the way he likes the ribbons to the presents. It's like my nephew who gets a bigger thrill out of the boxes than the gifts.

  3. It sounds like a crazy but glorious Christmas! And I am sure the "wats" were wonderfull! You have inspired me to attempt to make some Ethiopian food...or I may be tempted to go to our Ethiopian restaurant down the street and get take out...either way- yuuuum!

  4. Very impressed by your cooking!! Looks like you had a great first Christmas as a family:-)

  5. What a wonderful celebration you had! Micah is such a happy baby!

  6. Your dinner looks great! What a great idea.
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday. Micah looks so cute in his Ethiopian outfit.

  7. My niece got the ball popper too. Cool toy. She also got one of those tunnel things and she is digging it. Glad you all had a good Christmas!

  8. Sounds like fun...what precious memories you are making! By the way, I love the scarves as chair toppers - great idea I just might steal!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  9. That dinner looks so tasty. Glad you had a great holiday.

  10. Wow - what a wonderful Christmas! And that doro wat looks delish - I'm going to have to learn how to make that.

    Mostly just wanted to say thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Alos, have to say that Micah is GORGEOUS and amazing. What a beautiful family you have.

    best wishes for a very happy New Year!!

  11. I LOVE your pictures, and congrats on the fabulous Ethiopian feast! We'll be attempting to prepare injera for the first time for our New Years Eve gathering, wish us luck!

  12. Looks like you had a great christmas!

  13. Ummm, LOVE you new blog header!! Sooo cute! I like to think that I inspired you... :) but probably not. :)

  14. I love the Traditional flare! Uhhh I can't not Wait.....Can NOT wait to do all those wonderful things next year :-). I'm so happy you had an amazing chrismas.


  15. I'm so impressed with your dinner. We were given a really great Ethiopian cookbook but I haven't gotten around to cooking anything from it--not that I even could now if I wanted to, what with the demolition.