Sunday, December 23, 2007

10 Months Old!

Dear Micah Bean,

I've been thinking of writing you a letter for some time now. It is coming up on your first Christmas, and you just turned 10 months old. There are so many things you are learning and doing - you are amazing. Since your mama is bad at writing things down, but good at blogging, I've decided to write you a letter each month to remind us someday of what you were like.

Here are some of the amazing things you are doing:

*You have just begun to figure out how to move around. You are not quite crawling, but you are definitely rolling. In the past few days you have figured out how to move forward, but it is kind of like an inch worm moving along. It is so cute. Your favorite thing to get into when rolling around is the dogs' water bowl.
*Your favorite foods are yogurt, cheerios and sweet potatoes. You also like peas because you really like to grab things and put them in your mouth.
*You LOVE your doggies. Each time you wake up, I pick you up out of your crib and you immediately look toward the door for the doggies (who are gated out of your room). As soon as you see one of them, you flash a big smile (usually behind your binky). You also like to "bark" back at them - especially Ham. Sometimes when I am changing your clothes, we'll hear Hammie bark and you 'bark' back at her. It is so cute. Here you are with Pedro...

*Your favorite books are "Baby Colors" and "My Little Miracle." You really like to read books - I sit you on my lap facing me and read them to you while you turn the pages. You get a very serious look on your face most of the time, but sometimes you will smile and look up at me to make sure I see it too. Your dad reads to you too...

*Your least favorite things are having your hair combed and putting on your coat. The sight of a comb or coat can make you very mad.
*You really like listening to music and you think it's very funny when mom and dad sing along- especially when I use a spoon for a microphone. You really love the Beastie Boys. (Just kidding)

*You LOVE bathtime. You often try to swim right out of your inflatable tub!
*You have lots of nicknames, including Micah Bean, Beanie and Yabbie.
*You have the best laugh ever. My favorite is when you belly laugh - it is very cute. You are also very social and say your version of 'hi' to everyone in the store. If they don't acknowledge you, you will yell at them until they do. You are very popular with the checkout people at the grocery store too. You will always give them a smile.

There are so many more wonderful things that you are learning to do. Your dad and I are constantly laughing while we watch you roll around and begin to crawl. We love to sit and watch as you figure things out. You are very inquisitive and I have a feeling you'll want to get into everything when you start to walk.

Your dad & I are so excited about your first Christmas. Last year at this time we were beginning to dream of you and traveling to beautiful Ethiopia to meet you. Now you are home with us, and you bring us more joy than we could ever have imagined. You are our sweet little bean and we love you so much.


  1. Ahhh, that is so sweet. 10 months already!!

  2. I love the monthly letter Idea. I have been writing lettters here and there and saving them (but not posting all of them). I look forward to maybe reading more of yours to Micah. Wow he's really grown since I first layed eyes on him uhhhh LOVE IT!

    Happy holidays :-)

  3. That is precious! It has inspired me and I think I will do the same thing when Malak is here...because I know I won't remember those little details years down the road, but it is such a fun thing to read and see how much our children are loved- whatever stage they are at in their little lives! So precious!

  4. That is so sweet:-) I just might have to borrow your idea when Pacey comes home if you don't mind. I too am bad at writing but this blogging is coming easy to me!! He is going to cherish these words when he grows up. I love it!! Merry Christmas.