Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Micah's Girlfriend

After weeks of failed court dates and waiting, I'm happy to see some good news in the adoption world.

First, Jocelyn received her referral for sweet Pacey - she is adorable - go see!

Pacey is already spoken for, which is a good thing - because Micah is now in love with cutie-pie Amari! (I know - he's going to have competition from Mamush!) Congratulations to Jill for making it through court the third time around!! :)

I love hearing good news - especially when it has been extremely dreary & rainy here for OVER A WEEK!!! It's muddy & gross, and this is my life:

Follow that with -
1. Clean out the tub - made muddy by muddy feet
2. Mop the floor - made muddy by muddy feet
3. Feel fortunate that I do not share a bathroom with the dogs (Poor Micah does)
4. Think to myself that it is a really good thing I love dogs because this is a pain in the butt
5. Wish for the sun to return or for it to snow 6 inches (that would make it worth it!)

I'll quit moping now - I have to remember - there is good news out there! :)


  1. Oh, the dogs are so cute in the bath tub. They almost look like they want to smile!

  2. I hope you were referring to my Samuel already being Pacey's betrothed :) :)!

    Must tell you, not only is Micah out-of-this-world cute but your dogs are adorable as well!

  3. Do your dogs let you sleep in on Saturday mornings? I can relate to the muddy feet and rainy days:)
    Micah is very cute!

  4. I glad to know that my daughter is not the only child that has to share her tub with a dog!!! My dog runs and hides everytime I start the water in that tub...guess he will have to run and hide every night now!!

  5. I am glad Pacey didn't break Micah's heart too bad:-) It's a good thing he has a new sweet girl to take his mind off of it:-)

  6. I second that. I have had three muddy paws all week as well. This midwest weather....I hate the winter!!!!