Saturday, December 15, 2007

This Tops The List...

This is the question I got tonight from someone (someone I've known for years!!) wondering about Micah: "Is that yours?"

Incredulous, I answer a bit sarcastically, "You mean this?" rubbing Micah's sweet belly. I put my face up next to my son's and asked, "Cant' you tell?"

For a minute I thought about saying, "Oh no, we just borrowed him for the night."


Oh - and FINALLY - It snowed! I asked for 6 inches - that's what we got! :) Pictures later!


  1. People never cease to amaze me! We got a bunch of snow too. I love it!

  2. Yes, there are ignorant people out there...the part that really got me was "Is THAT yours?" Since when are children referred to as THATS??? Oh, well, glad you got your snow!! We're getting a mix of everything here! Maybe a snow day tomorrow???? :)

  3. yeah....gotta love ignorant people! The "that" is the worst of it but just asking annoys me. I didn't mind as much when Annslee was younger but now she "gets" it and I am tired of it LOL

    Good answer....

  4. People are just sometimes soooo dumb. I got several unbelievable comments last week when I went to show people pics of Pacey...such as.."oh you got another one" or "is this one for sure this time?". Seriously, people are just dumb!!!!!!! I still have no power at my house...6 days now:-(

  5. *Known for years*,is hopefully just an acquaintance! Grrrrr.

    We have snow here too. Thankfully we only lost power 1 day at our home.

  6. Wow! Some people just have no tact. You handled yourself very well. I'm always amazed by peoples rudeness.

  7. OMG! I'm in so much trouble when it's my turn to answer those stupid, rediculous, and absurd questions! You did much better than I would have. She actually said "that"? I would have needed security at that point right there...