Thursday, October 25, 2007

This week

OK - so I admit that I did have the bumbo on an elevated surface. But, don't come to get me yet! It was always with close attention because I was usually doing his hair or taking his picture (i.e. he was always "attended"). Such as this adorable picture...(the adorable hat was made by Mindy - she does awesome stuff - knitting and embroidery - her email address is at the right if you're interested in one for your little one!)

The other good thing about the elevated surface was that the doggies could not get in his face - something I constantly tell them NOT to do. (They just love him so much.) As you can see, with our new arrangement, the dogs feel free to come up and say hello to Micah...

Yep, it's the exersaucer from here on out for hairdos and pictures and maybe even a shower here and there. :) The bumbo will remain on the floor where it's supposed to stay.

We also had some fun this week with Mamush and Minnow, who came to visit the other day. Minnow is just so cute with Micah - he kept taking his binky and then giving it back. Very sweet...

And, Micah and Mamush had their usual session of playing together on the floor - touching each other's heads, etc. :) Cute boys!

And, finally, we got a new bathtub this week. It's one of those blow-up kind that fit in your tub. Basically, he hated it and we had to put the big yellow back supporter in the tub for him to enjoy it. I'm thinking of starting Parent/Tot swim lessons next week - he used to love the water and yesterday he kind of hated it. Besides, I used to teach Parent/Tot lessons - so of course I've always wanted to do it when I had a tot. :)

So, here is Micah in his new tub. This picture makes me LAUGH - but don't be fooled - that stream of water is actually from a tub toy. :) Still funny.


  1. LOVE that picture of Micah in that hat. That smirk is soooo cute and where did you get that hat???

  2. can you send Micah to me for a few days??? I can forward my fedEx account number. I just want to kiss his cheeks nonstop. He's too cute!!

  3. THE BOYS- they are definetly gonna give you and Jenni laughs forever just watching them together!

  4. Oh, by the way, I was wanting one of the bumbo's when we get our little ones. They really didn't seem that unsafe to me.