Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Carving Party

A while back I posted about how much I love Halloween and how I looked forward to having a little one with us for this fun holiday. Last night Micah went to his first Pumpkin Carving Party. Every year all of the families (well, our friends - not really all of the families!) that live in this area get together with their little ones to carve pumpkins. We've been doing it for about 4 years and it is always fun. Micah had a great time last night - although of course he had no clue what was going on!

This is funny - in the group, there are three babies that are 8-9 months older than him and they all, for some reason, want to take his binky out of his mouth. He's pretty used to it and they usually try to shove it back in his mouth, with all of our hand flying to make sure they're gentle. :) But last night, he got brave and took little S's binky out of her mouth! It was hilarious. (Maybe you had to be there :)

Here are some pics from last night...

Mitch holds Micah while I light his pumpkin...

Mitch and his pumpkin - quite a work of art!

Gracie (aka Mitch's Sister - we gave her a new nickname) holds Micah while I light her pumpkin..

Gracie and her pumpkin - this is really cool - she made a face out of hearts - here is it all lit up...

I am so impressed with Gracie's pumpkin!

Dad busy carving the pumpkin Micah picked out.

One of the binky thieves - I know it's hard to believe with a sweet face like that! :)

SO - Have a great Halloween tonight! Finally we are going to have a rain-free Halloween here! It has rained for the past 3 years! So, Micah's first Halloween will be dry - thank goodness. I'll post pics of him in his cutie costume later!


  1. Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see the costume. We are also looking forward to no rain in our state! I think it’s a first!

  2. Can't wait to see Micah in his costume! Happy Halloween Micah!!