Monday, October 29, 2007

Adoption Announcements, Thanks You's, etc.

Back when I was looking for thank you cards for our shower, I kept picking up those note cards with a picture of a baby, or of baby's feet, but there was always one problem, the baby and the feet did not look like our baby - they were always white feet. I remember thinking that there needed to be an option for African American families and for families like ours. So, I'm happy to say that The Dalai Mama has helped to fill the void. She has created notecards, thank you cards, adoption announcements and even blank notecards that reflect families like ours. The thank you cards are adorable, and she also has blank notecards that have scenes from Ethiopia on them - I can't think of better thank you cards for a baby shower. I only wish she would have had them back when I was searching for ours. But, I can at least let you all know about them - her store is at
The best part about her store is that a portion of her proceeds are sent to help children in Ethiopia attend school, so you are not only getting perfect notecards, (or beautiful photography for that matter) but you are helping children in Ethiopia.

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  1. I love Dawn's stuff! I too have had a hard time finding announcements, thank-you's, etc. Now that I know where to find them I'll have to share with others.