Thursday, October 18, 2007

Exciting News from Hallmark!

Well, exciting to me anyway because I love cards - love sending them, love receiving them... Anyway, Hallmark has joined the Product Red campaign - they have cards and even wrapping paper (I also love wrapping paper, although I know it is bad for the environment - will this help ease my guilt?). Thanks to the Breedlove Family for pointing this out!

On the topic of cards- I have finished designing the announcements for Micah. Yep, a little slow, but whatever, I've been busy! I love them even though I wanted to get a bit more creative than I did, but that was my old life, when I had lots of time for creative stuff like that. Now my creative energy is spent making up silly songs and dances to keep Micah entertained (who am I kidding - I'm entertained by it too - watching him crack up is the best thing EVER!).

Here is Micah when he likes my singing and dancing (see he's joining in)...

And, here he is when he is bored by my singing and dancing... :)


  1. I love the top picture because he not only is singing along with you, it looks like he is snapping to the beat! Cutie pie!!!

  2. He looks like a natural! Do you have an agent for him yet?

  3. I'm totally diggin' his baby legs-flames are a good look!

  4. I love the flames too!! I wish I was one on your list to receive your homemade announcement for Micah. I made mine too for Olivia--and almost 4 years later, several of my friends still have it "sitting out" on display. Adoption announcements are the greatest...such a blessing and a great way to share the joy.
    Good for you getting them done. They will be treasured for sure.

  5. Sooo cute, if it were me singing, he would be crying:-)

  6. I know what you mean about changing your creative outlets. My children's Creative Memories' albums are all sitting unfinished and I feel guilty reading blogs while they are sleeping because I should be taking advantage of this time to pay bills or paint the playroom (1 of about 20 household projects I would like to finish before baby #4 arrives)! Oh, well... we have to keep our sanity with a little time off to ourselves, right?!