Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The cutest puppy dog in town...

Dad & Micah - on our way to visit Mimi

George, Chuck & Micah

BFFs - Micah is cracking me up leaning on Chuck - I don't think he could move! :)

This is one of his classic funny faces.

The hat is off and he's rollin'!

Micah had a lot of fun tonight! We went up and down our street and stopped at a few houses. He got a book from our neighbor (so sweet), some animal crackers from another neighbor (they had them special just for him) and then some candy for mom & dad from the rest of the houses. :)

After trick or treating we all played at our friends' house - 11 kids all together! Micah sat up and played with S (who is 8 months older) and they were stealing toys from each other - so cute. He also did a bunch of rolling - I took some video, so if I can just figure out how to post it...

Happy Halloween - hope you all had a great time! :)


  1. Oh gosh Stacie, Micah is so cute! What a cute costume. Our baby Beagle (6 mo) Snoopie, she has a black and white spotted body.
    Love the doggies...especially human baby doggies!!
    Hope your holiday was wonderful.

  2. Silas was a puppy too! Too cute! Micah is a sweet little pup! Too bad they couldn't have trick or treated together....

  3. I love his costume. He is a beautiful child.

  4. I love the costume! What an adorable little puppy.

  5. hehe... I love the "funny face" close up - Micah makes the cutest little guard dog

  6. Oh my goodness! You should have Halloween everyday just so you can dress him up in costumes. As my niece used to say: DA-DORABLE!

    (Josh was a clown, but he looked a lot like Thing 1 or Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat. Ha!)


  7. What a cutie! I love the one of him leaning :) Glad your first Halloween with him was so much fun! How great to be experiencing "all the firsts"!

  8. Ack! I love the one with the goofy face and the Woof collar so prominently displayed!! Super cute!

    Jen N