Tuesday, October 16, 2007

O H...I O

We finally made it up to Ohio to visit Kevin's family. Micah was a dream on the plane (both ways) - he slept in our arms for the short flight and was very good at the airport waiting on the flights. (Not at all like our flight home from Ethiopia... I'll probably post about that someday soon - I think I'm almost ready to re-live it. :)

We were also lucky enough to meet up with another CHI family while we were in Ohio. They already have their referral for a sibling group - one little girl and her baby brother who we met while we were in Ethiopia at the House of Hope. We were so happy to meet this family because we really think the world of these two little ones - it is nice to see the wonderful family they are going to be a part of. :) Mark & Christi treated us to some brownies from Sugardaddy's, where Mark is the executive chef. Oh my goodness - SO YUMMY! Definitely go order some! There is a chocolate raspberry one that is my favorite and I also liked the pumpkin one (it might be called Harvest or something)... oh, and the Tahitian (I think that is the name) is also so yummy. You know what - they're all good - just get yourself some! :)

And, I have to post a picture... I promise I did not put this Cheerio where it is! He is hilarious with the Cheerio's!!!


  1. That last picture with the Cheerio is hilarious! What is it with adoption and men, so many of them that I have come across not only like to cook, but are chefs?

  2. Gotta love the Cheerio picture! Welcome to Ohio. I'm in Cleveland.

  3. Hey Guys! It seems amazing how many people there are for these little guys to meet...TOO MANY (but thats a good thing). Micah ohhhhhhhh Micah, there are no words!!!!!!!!!! You put a smile on my face or make me bust up laughing everytime i see a picture. So much personality.


  4. I think he looks like you!! Just like old married people, family starts to look like each other.

    One time a 5-year old kid told me that my adopted son (from ET) looks a lot more like me (whitey McWhite) than my ET husband. I think the 5-year old was smart enough to recognize that my son and I have the same smiles and fat cheeks and all the rest of our physical appearances didn't really matter! ;)

  5. Hilarious! He sure has personality for DAYS!!!!

    It was so great having lunch yesterday...thank you again for being my "adoption role model!"

    I am looking forward to the get together Nov. 2nd!