Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Moment

I just spent the last hour downloading all of these wonderful pictures from Sharon (our CHI Ethiopia Program Director). She sent them a while ago, but it took forever to download them so I just now got to it. Anyway, I have never posted pictures of the MOMENT. The moment we first laid eyes on our son... the moment that it all began to be real. So, without further ado..

Micah sleeping in Ethiopia - before we arrived

We made it! Coming through the airport in Ethiopia. We were so excited, tired, anxious, tired, wide awake - all of it.

Tsegay (our in-country rep) and his wife Almaz with Kevin & I at the airport.

This is it - the first time Micah & I ever saw each other. I can't even begin to describe the emotions of this moment. I wanted to cry and laugh all at once.

My first time holding our son. Happiness.

My first kiss for Micah.

Happy Mom & Dad

So, I finally let Dad hold his son. He was so proud.

Such a great moment - when Micah looked up at his Dad for the first time.

It has almost been three months since we've been home. Seeing these pictures brings it all back - it reminds me of this little miracle that is our son. Our little miracle who is currently fast asleep after a busy day of teething, rolling, playing, laughing and crying a bit (teething hurts!). I am constantly in awe of him - the way he likes to fall asleep in my arms with his arm stretched out so he can touch me, the way he flaps his arms and kicks his legs when he likes something, his big, goofy grin (now with the addition of one cute little tooth!), and his sweet sleeping face (with that blue bear from the pictures right along side him still). We are so, so blessed.


  1. I can't wait until that moment when Payton is placed in my arms, I get emotional just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing these pictures and your story!

  2. Absolutely precious. I can't believe its been three months already!! Micah is just amazing.

  3. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures. We can't wait for that special moment!

  4. Thanks for sharing thes; they are just fantastic to see! Better late than never huh? I can't wait until it's our turn!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for letting us see that beautiful experience. It seems like you've had Micah forever. I'm sure you can't remember what life was like before he came along.

  6. Isn't it awesome. The feeling only gets stronger....your love for your son is beautiful as is his love for you...

  7. UHHH goooossseee bummmmppppssss...need I say anymore. I'm tempted on the way home from Ethiopia to make the pilot land in your town just meet Micah. :-)


    P.s. Not to be a nag but HUMMUS??

  8. Awwww! Love the updated pictures!

  9. tears are i my eyes. the photos are beautiful.

  10. such a sweet moment Stacie...loved it.

  11. How exciting that must have been.... Hard to put into words! I was thinking of you guys constantly over those days :) Thanks for sharing! God has blessed you so so much!

  12. So I was snooping through your archives for a better look at those polka dotted walls (that I love!!!) and wandered across this post. Again. And I'm crying. Again. Sheesh. But it's exciting because one day we'll have a story, too! Yay!