Saturday, December 17, 2011

Erm, so... it's been a while...

Yep, it's been a while!  Poor, poor Lia.  Micah's life was documented at every turn, but Lia gets the raw end of the deal as far as looking back on this blog someday.  Sorry baby girl!  (Actually, maybe she's the lucky one! Hah.)

We've had a few things going on around here and it seems that we are in the throes of Toddlerhood (thus the lame blogging - NO TIME!).  Lia is a busy, bright little girl and she has been amazing us with her smarts.  She can sing the ABCs (punk-rock style, thanks to her dad), count to 11 (awesome) and is really really trying to spell her name, but it usually comes out as Geeoooeeeeaaaa.  (G is her favorite letter, so I guess they all are "G" for now.)  She is definitely a Lefty and loves to "coloooor."  Now, I'm not one to push little ones to read or count, but this girl WANTS to learn.  She's a sponge.

Halloween - L loves herself some "kins"
 Lia is also one serious dancer and singer.  She can sing lyrics to almost all of the "kid" songs we listen to, and she's also a huge Adele fan.  (I never thought I'd listen to kid music, but she makes hours of Lori Berkner (sp?) worth it.)  She and Micah dance in the kitchen to the Fresh Beat Band, complete with hand-microphones and air-guitars.  Yes, my baby can air-guitar along with the best of them.  I'm fully planning on them starting a band together someday.  Okay, probably not, but it's fun right now.

We have decided to change one MAJOR thing about little miss - her birthday.  Originally, we planned on changing it to a January birthday, which was suggested by our pediatrician.  We know in our hearts that the birthdate listed on her paperwork is wrong, and I'm glad we went with a January birthday in our minds for the first year-and-a-half home.  She needed that time of us treating her like an infant, instead of a one-year-old.  (Especially as she most likely was an infant.)  But, we've recently learned that trying to change her birthdate with the government can be tricky, and rather than have her face problems down the road, we're going back to the birthday listed on her paperwork - in August!  So, next month she'll turn 2 (in January) and then in August she will turn 3!  You've got to roll with it, you know?  I hope she understands all of our crazy logic someday.

This girl has personality to spare.  She is hilarious.
And, that brings me to Micah!  He is going to turn 5 in two months?  Crazy.  He's definitely moving right along into the big-boy role and we're loving it.  Today I took him to the movie theater and he actually sat through an entire movie!  This is the first time we've tried since he was (too) little, and it was a lot of fun.  We have such great conversations and this child is starting to really show us just how big his heart is.  He is a charmer, when he wants to be, and a stinker when he wants to be, but always fun.  He keeps me laughing, that is for sure.  For example, he recently started gymnastics, and he loves it, but he insisted on wearing his Santa jammies to class two weeks in a row.  He cracks me up.

Yep, those Santa jammies. He has barely taken them off since he got them.  
And there would be more rambling to this, but the biggest little has just woken up (at 10:41 pm) so I'm off to put him BACK to bed.  See you all in another 6 months!  (Hopefully sooner, but...)

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  1. I was seriously JUST getting ready to tease you about posting! I was going to Facebook you and say, "You make it awfully hard to blogstalk when you don't ever post..." Haha! Great post; love to hear about the kiddos.