Monday, February 25, 2008

Party Hardy

Well, we survived Micah's 1st birthday party, and we think it was a raging success. :) There were tons of kids here - seriously - people kept saying, "How do you know so many kids?" My friends are fertile? I don't know. But, really, it was a lot of fun. And exhausting, but in an exhilarating fun way. (Why didn't you other moms tell me how crazily exhausting a 1st birthday party is? :)

I don't have many pictures because we hired Linda to come and take pictures for us, and we're waiting to get them back. Yes, I know it sounds wildly extravagant to do that (and maybe a little weird), but let me tell you how awesome it was to not have to worry about taking pictures all night long. It was awesome. And, we love Linda - she did our wedding photos, family photos, and Micah's first photos when he came home. (We probably should have hired her for his arrival at the airport too... okay maybe that would be extravagant.) Anyway, Gracie did take pictures with our camera, so you will get an unprofessional sneak peak at the night's events. I promise to post Linda's pictures when we get them (hopefully within the week!).

Here are the highlights:

*It was a cupcake party! Kevin made these amazingly cute cupcakes. He probably would not like me to tell you that. But, he loves me and he loves his son, so he was willing to get fancy in the kitchen for the party. (He does have a degree in pastry arts after all!)

*Mamush came to Micah's party! Very cool that these boys are already sharing life's special moments. :)

*Cupcake cookies! Our good friend Stephanie made these for the party. She is an expert baker, and I, well, I am not. So she made the cupcakes cookies. I did, however, make the tags that say, "It's fun to be 1" and "thanks for coming to my party heart Micah"

Micah had cake. With lots of icing. I did make him his very own little cake. It was not beautiful, but I was still proud. (Although I overdid it on the icing - tip: go light on the icing for a first birthday cake!)

*You know that scene in 16 Candles, after Jake's party where the record keeps skipping and you see the big mess? That was our house after everyone left. I was crying laughing at the mess - it looked like we had a raging kegger, but with lots of toys and juice boxes. (We cleaned that night - up til 1 a.m. but much better than cleaning in the morning.)

*The best part of the night was after we put Micah to bed and we were all downstairs talking and playing with Micah's new toys. We realized George was missing. Bad sign. I looked at the monitor and saw red lights - uhoh. Went upstairs - into Micah's room - the lights are on, Micah is sitting up in his crib with a bottle and George is laying on the floor playing. I never laughed so hard. So, we got Mic out of bed and he stayed up another hour. George had a point, it was Micah's party after all. :)

So, we had a great time, and were pretty tired (all of us) the next day, but it was well worth it. Just in case you're wondering, here is what Kevin and I looked like the next morning when Micah woke up at 7 a.m. -

Good times, good times.


  1. had a ball! I'd say it was a ginourmous success, too! wish we coulda stayed longer. Mamush was pooped, but then he woke up at 1:30 AM very upset - guess he knew he missed part of the party or something!

    wow, 16 candles - I was so in love with Jake! too funny. I promise I would cut your hair outta the door if I had to :)

    Micah has some awesome toys! Congrats on surviving the first birthday party! Just think what kinda hoot its gonna be 20 years from now. YIKES!!

  2. I was so in love with Jake too. I think I watched that movie with my friends Jen & Stacey (in 5th grade) about 4,000,000 times. I still know it by heart when I watch it. (Lines are popping into my head at this moment...)

  3. Sounds awesome. Yeah, sorry I didn't mention how totally out of control kids parties can be. I can't believe I am getting ready for a second birthday parties.

    At least you didn't have farmer ted under your coffee table. I love 16 candles....

  4. Sounds like it was a big success! The photographer was an excellant idea!

  5. Great looking party! The cupcakes and cookies look so cute! Sounds like a blast was had by all.....

    Can't wait to see the professional pics!

  6. This post is so great! HAPPINESS comes through in every photo, loud and clear, even in the messes! I used to take photos of after-party messes too. It means a good-time was had and that people left happy (or tipsy, which c'mon, isn't that the same thing?) Oh, and my favorite is the one of the coffee-table with wine glasses, beer bottles, and juice boxes. So funny :)
    Happy Birthday, Micah!

  7. And oh my gosh, 16 Candles is one of the best movies ever. Love that last photo :)
    "Where is my automoBILE?"

  8. cool party!!! cupcakes, beer, and cute babies.

    What more could you ask for?

  9. Happy BDAY Micah!! Your party looked like so much fun! Loved the cupcakes and LOVE sixteen candles too:-)

  10. Oooh, I wanna go to such a fun party! No really, it looks like it was a big success and sounds like it was a blast! I am secretly already thinking of glorious ideas for Malak's first birthday...heehee.

  11. Awesome party and you get a ton of bonus cool points for cross referencing a great American Classic such as 16 Candles (right behind Citizen Kane wouldn't you agree?)(No, wait, maybe The Breakfast Club would be right behind Citizen Kane) with Micahs 1st birthday party.

  12. What an awesome idea to have a photographer! I love candid shots and I'm sure she got some fantastic ones. Can't wait to see them! And just wait as Micah gets older, the parties get even more extravagant. But then he'll want to have his party at Pump It Up or the skate park , places like that. But at least you won't have to clean up!

  13. What a great party.....yes, the mess is the proof that a good time was had by ALL!!! Love the photo at the end.

    Happy, Happy Birthday Micah!

  14. Those cupcakes are beautiful!! Any post that ends with a teenager in headgear is AMAZING in my book!

  15. What a fab looking party! Your husband makes cupcakes?!!! Very jealous.

    Happy birthday, Micah!! I hope 1 is good to you!

  16. Good job guys!! Now you are officially, officially parents :)

  17. So of course you are tooooo funny! I love that you guys had a big crazy party for the little man. I LOVE LOVE the cupcakes and you might be seeing me steal that for April 26 when my nugget turns 2.


  18. What a fun birthday party! Love the cupcakes. You have a pretty amazing husband to do that!

    Really, I think the photographer hiring was a pretty novel idea. You definitely want to capture the first birthday! It probably allowed you to have a lot more fun. I'm sure you had enough to worry about!

    Cute Micah. Cute, cute Micah! He's 1! Crazy how quickly time goes by. (For me, anyway!)

  19. Looks and sounds like great fun was had.

    Love the added pic at the end...LOL!