Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We Voted... and other musings of the day...

So we went out and voted in our state's primary today. Micah rode in the baby carrier and 'helped' me vote by trying to grab my pen and the ballot from my hands. He is so very helpful. :) Watching the primary results come in, we were discussing some of the rumors that have been circulating about Obama. It is amazing what people will believe. You can read some of the rumors and the responses to them here. I am also so lucky that I can call Jenni - she is "in the know" about matters of politics, so she answered some questions for us tonight. Thanks Jenni! :)

We have our first ear infection. So sad. We went to the doc yesterday to check out the cough that Micah has had and instead of finding anything bad with that, the doctor found a "fresh" ear infection. So, I guess we caught it early which is good. But, I count ourselves as very lucky because Micah has been very healthy - this was the first time we went to the doctor for anything but a wellness visit or shots.

And, today is February 5th, which means it has been exactly 6 months since we first met our son. Happy Family Day Anniversary to us!

Micah is getting 5 new teeth all together. FIVE! He has one coming in on bottom too now. Here are the top teeth coming in (along with yogurt mouth and a strawberry)...

I love his teeth! They are so cute. I do miss that gummy smile though.

We had a fun weekend - I went to CHI on Saturday morning (solo) for a meeting about Ethiopia and trans-racial adoption. I've been before but it was good to hear from other families and to refresh what I've learned. We also had home-made doro wat. Yum. Ke
vin went to Mardi Gras all day Saturday, so Micah and I had a date Saturday night before we headed to my step-Grandma's birthday party. We ran errands and then finished our date at Noodles & Co. Micah enjoyed himself as he yelled HI and waved to the diners seated at the next table for, oh, about the ENTIRE time we were eating. They weren't the kind of people who thought it was adorable either. He is very social when we go out to eat - he yells at people if they don't acknowledge his cute-ness. And rightly so! :)

Sunday we went to our friend Baby J's baptism. Micah was terrible during mass - it was right during his nap but he stayed wide awake the whole time. When it was time for the baptism (after mass) he promptly passed out on me. So, he only got to nap for about 30 minutes. It was great seeing Baby J and his mom & dad & sister though. His mom and I have been trying to get together for months - seriously.

And then Sunday night Micah enjoyed his first Superbowl at Chris & Rob's house. Here are some pics...

Eating his Superbowl dinner. We had pizza & wings. He had turkey & vegetables. Yum.

Gracie "watching" the game. We did watch on a bigger tv - this was just on in the kitchen. :)

Watching the game and eating some goldfish with dad.


  1. What is wrong with those people that don't like a happy kid at a restaurant? I mean, it's a cute kid, doing cute things, and not crying? What is their issue?

    Abigail was always very social when we would eat out- and it always irritated me when I would get scowls from people who were upset that she was smiling, waving, laughing, and talking to our neighbors. Would they have preferred her to cry or whine as much of her age-peers did in similar circumstances? Wierdos.

  2. Yes, he should scream if someone doesn't acknowledge his frienldiness :) Oh, and I saw Kevin's wearing a Tillamook shirt! My family from Mississippi *loved* the tour of the cheese factory :)

  3. Happy 6 months! Love those teeth!

  4. Who doesn't love a happy kid waving at a restaurant. It cracks me up when kids engage with me when I'm out and about. I love the little shows they put on. I hope his ear gets better soon. Ear infections are no fun!

  5. What kind of people wouldn't find that adorable??? Thats crazy to me.

  6. I love that you took Micah to vote! I also took my kiddo along before I dropped her off at school. She had been asking to see the whole process, so I thought it a civic duty to show her the mighty process of putting pencil to paper to cast my voice. When we left, she said "That's it?" Ahhh, kiddos. Something tells me she was expecting lights, fancy loud machines and maybe even popcorn.

  7. Happy, happy, happy family anniversary! What a wonderful day to remember and celebrate.... I can't wait 'till we're doing the same thing!
    Thanks for all your thoughts, words, pieces of advice, so on and so forth that you put on my blog. It's truly a blessing to "know" you.
    Have a great one!

  8. I love it when kids interact with us when we're out.It makes the evening a lot more fun!!
    I hope Micah's ear is better.

  9. I love the toothy pictures :)
    And-yes, Toni in St. Louis!

  10. One of my co-workers attends the same church as Barack and his family.

  11. Once I was at a restaurant with Tater when he was little. He was being cute but a little annoying -- throwing food on the floor, squealing, etc. On our way out, a man at the next table actually said to me, "I'd pull that kid's hair if he had any." I was speechless! Of course I thought of a million great come-backs on the way home. Some people are just miserable, I guess. HAPPY FAMILVERSARY!