Sunday, February 10, 2008

Together Again

Yesterday we met up with Jenni & Mamush. It is so great when we get to see them - and to see Micah & Mamush together. We feel so blessed to live close enough to them to visit and get the boys together. (If you don't remember - these boys were at the same orphanage in Ethiopia and we were there when Mamush came to the House of Hope, so they have history together.)

We made quite a spectacle of ourselves having a photo-shoot of the boys in the middle of the restaurant. It was worth it - look how cute they are!

These next ones crack me up - they look like they're having a conversation!


  1. Oh, I LOVE those pictures!!!!
    And what was on the tv or whatever behind the boys?? It said something about the Good Old Days...

  2. CUTE!

    I am loving both boys hair! Curly haired boys are the best!

  3. I was going to comment on their curliness too. Very cute! Wouldn't you love to know what they were thinking/talking about?

  4. These pictures are absolutely adorable. :)
    And, how wonderful that they can "keep in touch". If that's able to continuee through the years, it may end up being a truly valuable relationship.

  5. Now they are beautiful boys! I love their hair!!!!