Thursday, February 21, 2008

All in One Day

Micah's first birthday was marked by an ice storm that caused us to stay holed up inside all day. We had to cancel a lunch with friends at the Ethiopian restaurant - but we're rescheduling for next week. The benefit of a day stuck inside is that today, for the first time, Micah crawled up on all fours! Yippee! I noticed he was trying to get up and go (rather than sit-scoot or hovercraft) so I put his baby-legs on for maximum traction - and off he went. I've never seen anything as cute as his little bootie crawling away from me. Big milestone on his first birthday!!

We had spaghetti for dinner (his favorite) and Gracie & Mitch came up to hang out with us. Micah was especially impressed when Mitch (who is 10) was rocking the guitar hero on a really hard level backwards! I mean not looking at the screen. (I was impressed too.) Gracie helped us out with bath and took pics, but I'm tired so I'll post later.

We finished the night with a family prayer for Micah's first mom - who we thought about and talked about a lot today.

And, just for fun, on Micah's first birthday, I'll leave you with a progression of frog towel photos - because they're so cute.

August 16th - literally 2 days after we got home.

September 27th

And, last week!


  1. Happy Birthday Micah! Already 1?

    Love the frog towel progression! Such a cutie!

  2. I love those pictures. Happy Birthday to Micah!

  3. Happy birthday Micah! I think you sent your weather in our direction - we're getting buried in snow today. Thank goodness Spring is just around the corner!

  4. Happy Birthday Micah!!

    Cute pictures!

    Looks like y'all got the same weather system we did.

  5. Happy birthday to Micah!

    (I love the frog towel... but it's just not as cute as the face peeking out of it :)

  6. So so cute! Happy Birthday little Micah!

  7. I always love his adorable pictures, especially his beautiful eyes :) They are so expressive! How must you feel as his Mommy? :)

    Happy Happy Birthday, Micah!!

  8. Happy Birthday Micah!!!!
    I hope you had a fantastic birthday even with the bad weather!!!
    Btw, I love the banner you made! Totally cute!

  9. It iced and snowed on Silas' first bday too! They already have so much in common and will have so much to talk about when they finally meet. :)

  10. What a great day to get iced in with birthday boy!

  11. Ummm okay, he is the CUTEST thing EVER!! Love the last pic!!!


  12. What a gorgeous little boy! LOVE the towel!