Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

Hope you all had a good day of lovin'. We had crab legs for dinner with mini chocolate cakes with chocolate mousse filling (I MADE THESE - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?) and chocolate covered strawberries (that my sweet husband got for me here at Merb's - best ever) for dessert. And, of course, a really yummy wine - Malbec - my newest favorite. Micah had a tiny taste of chocolate mousse - and, yes, he likes chocolate. :)

P.S. I forgot to add the best part - for Love Day we got a family gift - A DYSON! Yippee! Seriously - this thing has changed our lives. (You remember that we have three dogs right?) We don't vacuum anymore - we Dyson. Go get one! (They're on clearance at Target!)

Kevin hearts Dyson


  1. Ok... Stacie... You have no idea how much I LOVE TO VACUUM - I would love love love a Dyson. Maybe one day in the future. I think I actually could join a 12 step program about vacuuming :-)

    I got the biggest kick out this blog entry:-)

    Your family is precious!
    Our is growing by two feet VERY SOON. We leave for ET this Saturday.

  2. oh, I share your excitement for the vacuum!! I find myself secretly hoping that our old pretty-good vacuum will bite the dust so I can rationalize buying a dyson....

  3. Scared of you and your cooking skills! Looks delicious!

    Ok, now on to the Dyson. Almost 2 years ago, I bought the Dyson Animal because we have dog hair EVERYWHERE and um, it's really cute because it's purple. My husband almost died when he found out how much it cost but I promise you there is no better vacuum than a Dyson. Well worth the money.

  4. This past Christmas we celebrated our one year anniversary with our Dyson Animal, and I can honestly say it was worth every little (and large...) penny!

  5. Oh my word!First off- the cakes are amazing! Mmm, I would like to eat it right 9:00am. Secondy- Oh my word! I covet the Dyson! You know how much I need one with our dog hair tumbleweeds! Thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet....

  6. We've had a Dyson for three months now. It's totally my favorite appliance. With two cats, I get instant gratification every time I use it. Such fun!

  7. Awesome post! I love the cakes, how sweet!

  8. We bought our Dyson in the spring of 2005. I'll never forget it. Ever.

    It made me choke, how much it cost-but we used to go through one vacuum a year (we had 4 dogs at the time, now we have 3).

    I'm glad you've fallen in love with it too. :)
    The cakes you made look deeee-lish, by the way!

  9. WOOT! Chocolate and Dyson! Two of my favorite things! The cakes look AMAZING and I second the love of a Dyson. TOTALLY LOVE mine!

    I have to laugh at Tracie - I'm a vacuum a-holic as well. I have friends who used to take bets on how long it would take for me to kill my vacuums for overuse. Either that or suicide because I over worked them.

  10. Stacie,

    Your cakes look so yummilicious! Also, your Micah is adorable!


  11. So are you going to post the recipe to that delicious dessert or what? :)

  12. I would at one time have said of course Micah liked the chocolate mousse, because who wouldn't like chocolate, but then I met my husband and I found out that he doesn't like chocolate. Weird, YES!! But that leaves more chocolate for me, but I do hope that our future child enjoys chocolate, so when I make chocolate brownies. I am not the only one to eat them. Definitely not good for the figure, but after 35, the body starts falling apart.