Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy News!

This morning I woke up and diligently checked the blogs - and on a week where I really need it - found happy news! First, the Gurske's got their travel email! You can go see pictures of their beautiful son! And, the Shubin's are home with their sweet son! We met him at the House of Hope and are SOOO happy that he is home! (This means that all but one of the children we met at the HOH in Ethiopia are now home!) And, Jocelyn is posting like crazy while in Ethiopia, so I was able to see all the beautiful pictures of Pacey - and video!! Go see!

Oh, and then, just now, I figured I'd go check on Coming to Amharica because I knew they were close - and guess what? They got their referral! More good news!!! YAY!


  1. Hey thanks Stacie!!! We are thrilled and still trying to spread the news. I think we've gone over our cell phone minutes...is that tax deductible?
    Thanks for the shout-out....can't wait to introduce the boys!! I love the date coincidence!

    Dee Dee

  2. YEAH!!! So glad all the kiddos are almost home!! I'm curious though which sweetie is still there? Email me.