Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It Takes a Village

Ok, I know it is a cliche, but Lori's recent post reminded me that I wanted to post about something. And, yes, it is about the village raising the child. Well, sort of. Here's the thing - lately I've noticed that while I'm out with Micah, some people will go out of their way to help me, while others will ignore completely that I might need a hand, even if they are standing right next to me. Granted, these are people that I don't know, but I think our culture has really lost it's ability to lend a helping hand, literally.

Case in point. This is a lame example, but bear with me. We were at Borders the other day and I had not brought the stroller with me, so I'm carrying Micah and three books. Standing in line, Micah was crabbing and reached out toward the gift cards and proceeded to knock a whole bunch of them on the floor. Great. So, I bend down to pick them up (still holding baby and books) and notice that two women are standing behind me and staring at me picking them up. I figured they were about to bend down and help me when I noticed the woman directly behind me begin to inch up, as if to take my spot in line!!! The audacity! I was silently fuming and made a point to return to my spot in line (with said crabbing baby in my arms).

Not to say, "I am so great," but if there is someone behind me in line with a babe who is obviously unhappy, I will offer for them to go ahead - I know how frustrating it can be to have a little crabber in your arms - they don't understand waiting in line. And, obviously if their little one knocks stuff over, I would bend down to help. (You would too- right?) So, to think that this woman would not only decide not to help, but to get ahead of me in line... I think that's awfully rude!

Second story - we were out renting a movie last weekend and the parking lot was extremely crowded. We got to our car and another car (with two women in the front seats) stopped to wait for our spot. I buckled Mic in, but it takes a little while to make sure he's secure. I got him in and closed the door and then heard the car behind us HONKING at me to hurry up!! I went to the back of our car, put my hands in the air and asked, "Are you kidding me?" They SAW me carrying my baby to the car, but they want me to hurry up? I couldn't believe it.

So, my point of this vent is that we need to be more caring - we need to lend that helping hand - we need to show that we care about ALL of the children of our world, not just our own. Maybe I'm being selfish in thinking this way, but I'm putting it out there (here) anyway.

Whoosh. Glad to get that out. Feel better now... :)
(Oh - and don't miss the post below - lots of good news to be happy about)

P.S. Go sign this petition: http://www.one.org/visitafrica/


  1. Wow! People can be so rude. I love keeping up with your blog! Micah is ADORABLE!!!

  2. I agree with you Stacie. First of all, I hate the line stealers. Is everyone in such a hurry that 5 minutes has become the new hour? That drives me nuts. And the honking is absurd. Just know that kharma will be back to bite them, just at the moment that they have their hands full, a meeting, a place to be, etc. That gives me a little bit of comfort! :)

  3. I second your post!!! I'm always curtious and smiley to people and rarely get it back in return, but rather get the same treatment that you described above - Grrrrr...

    I would've help you! :)

  4. I am so angry for you, right now! Are you kidding me?? If only all of us nice people lived near each other, then we could have a nice little village who helped each other out...and leave those other stinkers behind in their rude village. :)


    Thanks for the shout out below I have the WORST Headache today...I think it's an emotional hangover!


  6. Couldn't agree more - it drives me nuts when women arrive at the subway entrance with a stroller and the nice strong person behind them doesn't offer to help. Do they really think carrying a stroller down slippery subway stairs is a one person job? And the woman who honked at you in the parking lot - unbelievable. I know it's not exactly proper to wish bad karma on someone but...

  7. Wow! People are so obnoxious...there is such a sense of entitlement with people these days, and it really annoys me (to put it nicely)! I like that you raised your arms to the women in the car and took your spot back! I'd do the same...will do the same.

    Dee Dee

  8. This is why I love my dog more and more everyday.

  9. I hope you made these ignorant people feel like jerks. I know sometimes people are in such a hurry that they don't realize how rude they are. Too bad they cannot enjoy life more.

  10. It's unbelievable how rude and stupid people can be. Do they expect you to rush and endanger the life of your child, just so they can get a stupid parking spot a few seconds faster?