Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tagged... AGAIN! (Jocelyn!)

Yes, friends, you are so lucky that Jocelyn tagged me with another fun blog game - now you get to learn 7 weird things about me. As if you hadn't learned enough on my 100th post (lacking greatly in the 100 things) or lately here. So, to spice this up a bit, I am going to give you some weird things and some just plain weird photos of myself. I have no shame - I will show you my weirdness. (Besides, I posted a slideshow of my son looking half-drunk in many pictures, so I owe it to him to fly my freak flag about now.) *I should warn you that the last photo is not exactly G rated - now don't scroll down so fast - it's not that exciting! :)

1. I have had the same haircut (with mild variations) for a LONG time. Although I did grow it out for a little while, I cut it back to same old shortness right before we left for Ethiopia. Proof? Here are Kevin and I in 2001...

And, here I am recently (with my other main man) in 2008...

Pretty darn close to the same hairdo. Maybe that's not weird, but I kind of think it is.

2. I do things like this...

And this...
3. I once entered our little dog (Pedro) in a contest to be the mascot for the Humane Society's Bark in the Park. He made it to the top three and was up against a greyhound and a three-legged dog. I was obsessed with him winning and basically became a pageant mom for my dog. He came in second to the three-legged dog (not even a Hurricane Katrina survivor like my little dude could beat that!). This is why Kevin will not let me enter Micah into any contests of any kind (Don't tell him about the silly picture contest!). I have pageant mom tendencies. (Note: If you are, in fact, a pageant mom, I do not mean to offend. Really.)

Here's Pedro in all his second place glory...

See the three-legged dog? How can you compete with that?

See his shiny medal? I was so proud. :)

4. Sometimes I dress up my dogs and then take pictures...

5. I LOVE the show Northern Exposure and I really wish Cicely, Alaska was a real place where I could go and hang out with Ed, Ruth Ann, Shelly, Howling, Maggie, Joel, Marilyn, and most of all Chris. Or maybe most of all Ed. Don't know - love them both. My sweet husband bought me NE on DVD for Christmas a few years ago...

6. I really don't mind if the dogs sleep in the bed with us. I do wish we had a larger bed (only a Queen size right now), and I do have to change the sheets a lot, but other than that - I am fine with it. Pedro likes to spoon.

7. And, as a testament to my weirdness, I will leave you with this final image. Sometimes I just cannot resist...

* I forgot that I'm supposed to tag people. Next time I will remember!


  1. LOVE IT!!!:-) I too let my dog and cat sleep with me...Peanut also likes to spoon:-0!!

  2. You are way to funny. Does Kevin just laugh at you all the time? Way to spice up the post with your racy lil pictures too! hehe.

  3. HA HA!!! Love the pics!! Tuvok is a character on Star Trek Voyager
    Yep...we're Trekkies!!!

  4. I'm going to come and steal Pedro from you! He is just hysterical! OMG! We love sleeping with our "Snoopy", it's the best!

    Great post!

  5. You are so funny.....I love taking pics of my dogs in clothes and my little Rhen (5 lbs) is a great snuggler - except that I'm always paranoid that my husband is going to squash him some night :)
    Aren't you glad so many of us relate to your weirdness?! hehehe
    Hey, does that actually make the people who can't relate weirder? ;)

  6. You are hysterical! And, I love Cicely, too... Wish I could live there...

  7. Oh Stacie I love it! I totally dress the dog too. I swore I wouldn't but something overtakes me and the next thing I know she is wearing a sweater while spooning with me.

  8. i love you and know that we are destined to be friends. my dogs eat their costumes. how come yours don't? no fair! justin is so afraid that i'm going to dress up our children in ridiculous things, too. but that's when i say that the things i pick out aren't ridiculous...what is ridiculous is that they eat their clothes. duh.

  9. I pretty much hate you -- you haven't aged at all in 10 years. Oh yeah, and hubs made me promise never to post a picture of myself involving melons. That man has no sense of humor.

  10. Don't feel bad, we have been long dressing up our dogs in stupid human outfits but mostly in the privacy of our home. Tatum our Yorkie lost in a halloween costume contest years ago and we have decided for his own sanity to keep the outfits inside for our own personal amusement and not for his own humiliation...We love your blog and check it frequently. My husband Kane and I have followed your journey since we were accepted into the Ethiopia program with CHI in September.
    Take care
    Dawn and Kane

  11. This is the best tagged post I have ever seen. Talk about good use of pictures. :) :) Loved it!!

    Jennifer N.