Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pictures and Stuff

I'm feeling uninspired to write anything, so I figure I'll share some pictures instead...

Here is Micah playing with some of his new toys that he got for his birthday...

Books! People asked what he 'wanted' and I told them we needed more books. This child will sit happily with a pile of books, look through them and 'read.' (He really does talk to himself with his books - so cute!) He got a lot of great books for his birthday including a cute one with a picture of Micah in it from Mamush, All the Colors of the Earth from a very good friend (made me cry), and The Perfect Orange from Chryssi & Fam. We love all of our new books!

Micah's "fake aunt" Chrissy (mom to his "fake cousins" Mitch, Gracie, George and Chuck) gave him this giraffe chair. Cute stuff! They also gave him a giraffe tunnel for him to crawl through...

Kevin trying to get Micah to crawl through to him.

He finally did it.

Here he is up on all fours - he is a full-fledged crawler now! (He still does his sit-scoot thing on the wood floors though!)

On Thursday we went to lunch - remember last week we had an ice-storm on his birthday and had to cancel lunch? Well, we rescheduled, but not too many people could make it this week. We were happy to have lunch with cutie Minnow and his mom (celebrating their recent referral of a sweet baby girl - Yay!!) and Mrs. B.

Minnow isn't really sure he wants to share his 'Nilla wafer. Micah has a grabbing problem, so he's going for it anyway.

And, just for fun - here is Micah's bathtime faux-hawk...

(Is it just me or does he look huge in this picture? Well, huge and freaked out :) BTW - we went to the doctor last week and he is 20.02 lbs. and 30 inches long - tall and skinny! :)

That's it for now... next week it's back to work for me! So sad, but only part-time and no daycare involved - Dad will be doing most of the work because I'll be working at night. I went on two interviews this week and am starting next week! It worked out perfectly (I always said I'd go back to work part time after Micah turned 1) except that I am sad to be going back to work because I'll miss my baby. :(


  1. congrats--on the job. Where?
    Lunch was a blast. i have to say our two boys are pretty cute. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Mayebe we'll come and let you wait on us. We're big tippers!!

  2. What great pics! Good luck back at work.

  3. Oh...thats so exciting. I wanted to hear all about it at lunch and then we never talked about me!

  4. :-) Love the fauxhawk! Don't tell anyone, but I STILL give myself a fauxhawk when I wash my hair. Or sometimes an Elvis Presely like pompadour.

  5. He's getting sooo big and more handsome by the minute. Do you think it would work out for me to babysit Micah while you're at work? Wish we were 3 minutes away instead of 3 hours...

  6. Yeah Micah!!! Congratulations on the new job! :)

  7. Micah gets cuter and cuter as he grows!! I love the hair:-)

  8. The boy has the best faces! Maybe, he just doesn't like being photographed while in the tub, fear that in the future he may be blackmailed with those pictures.

  9. Pics are the best way to post anyhow! Just one question...are those leg warmers in the first picture? Brought back memories of christmas, raibow umbrellas, lipstick and legwarmers..Oops. That's for another post! Yeah for not having to use daycare. I'm sure you will miss your baby, but at least he gets to hang with dad!

  10. Love the pictures....keep 'em coming :)

    I'm worried...with your going back to work, will you still fit time in for those awesome spreadsheets on the chi group??...we need you, Stacie ;) (i had another idea for one that I was going to email you, but never got around to it.....)

    Hope it all goes well for you...I'm sure you will do great! And that's great that Micah and Kevin get some boding time :)

  11. Love the pictures of feisty Micah. What are those cute little leg warmer type things he is sporting? Cute.

    So, the blingy necklace from Junkposse.. If you message her that you want one, she will make it as a special order. :) It is cute and I agree Micah needs one.