Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You Are Now Big Haircut*

Big day Micah-fans! First haircut! I know, his curls were so stinking cute, but the back part of his hairdo had not caught up with the top and the sides, so we decided to even it out.

We were so lucky to have found the barber that we did - he was awesome with Micah! His name is James and from the moment we walked in the door his focus was keeping Micah happy and making him laugh - which he did quite well. I can't tell you how great it was. Micah is a huge screamer when I comb his hair - I told James that and he showed me the best way to comb it with a metal pick. Micah barely noticed that his hair was being combed. I about fell over.

Anyway - with the help of amazing James and some chocolate & peanut butter Hershey's kisses, Micah did great for his first haircut! He wiggled and squirmed a lot, but did not scream at all. (Kevin and I were sure we were in for a scream-fest!) He only cried a tiny bit at the end.

Here is the "Before" shot with James:

And, the "After" shot:

Cute, huh?

And, here is the slideshow of the whole thing:

(Please notice that in one of those pictures I have chest hair. It's awesome.)

Oh, and this week our big man learned how to clap, took his shirt off his head by himself (after I got the arms out), and has learned how to "wash" his hair, which he does in the bath and out. My sweet boy is growing up! :)


  1. First haircuts make me bawl. As if I needed another reason. :) Glad your experience went much better than you had anticipated! He's going to be a chick-magnet, you know.

  2. Love the chest hair. I hope to see you sporting it a little more often out in the open. It's okay.

    Hair cute is so cute. He looks like a little man.

  3. oh fun! (well, glad it turned out that it went well and was fun rather than hell!)

    time is moving way too fast in many ways - can't believe it! glad it went well and perhaps we'll have to drive down to meet James whenever we decide its time

    Micah, I think I need a daughter so she can marry you and we can make this deal "un-fake" :)

  4. Love the big boy haircut!! And, that chest are one hot momma:-)!! I too can't wait to meet that boy this spring!! We need to plan.

  5. You're so sexy with the chest hair! What a hottie!!! Mr. Micah looks like such a handsome big boy with his new do. I love it.

    Oh and of course you can link to my blog. Thanks for the prayers girl!

  6. Metal pick...add that to the "needs" list! I am so happy the first haircut went so well. Love the chest hair!

    Micah looks veeerrry handsome!

    Dee Dee

  7. Oh love it, Stacie :) Chest hair is sexy! I love the title of this post by the way ;)

  8. First haircut!

    Sweet Micah looks so cute with his new do.

    Umm.. whatever this planning is that is going on for the spring gathering better include me. :)

  9. He has gotten so big since we first met you guys at Bread Co. It has been fun watching your story. We are sending in our application today. I am both nervous and excited.

  10. I am loving the sexy chest hair...way to pull it off-not all women can! :)
    The big Tuna comment- made me bust a gut...oh how I love The Office. I want to marry it.
    Sweet Micah is such a big boy now!! He looks so much older with his hair short! Aaaaw.

  11. Your chest hair is awesome! When I was little my dad would tell me to eat my veggies. He joked that peas would make my hair curly and something else would put hair on my chest. I nearly always replied that I didn't want curly chest hair, but now that I see you with yours, I am a bit jealous. My dad would be so proud to know what a good veggie eater you must be!

    Congrats on the milestone!

  12. Geeer. Very sexy chest hair!That was way too cute. I can't believe that Micah is old enough to have a haircut!When did that happen?!

  13. I love the one when he is looking up at James with those big expressive eyes...too cute!!

    And all of those milestones.....can't believe how quickly he's growing!

  14. I was dying laughing at the office quote - and, then again at the chest hair picture. Soooo funny!

  15. What a precious little boy! Love the haircut!