Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Party

Tonight we had an Egg Party - to dye Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny (who I'm convinced is a girl, by the way). My sister and her boys are in town - home from Costa Rica - and soon to be back home in the Pacific NW. The Neighbors also came up for the party. Gracie was the photographer this evening (as usual). I will let the photos tell the story...

Gracie's Self Portrait

Micah in his Chicks Dig Me t-shirt. A birthday present that I thought was appropriate for the evening's festivities.

We set up all the table for the egg dying - complete with dye-proof tablecloth. I know - I'm always so fancy, right?

Kevin hearts egg dying.

So does my sis.

My sister is holding up a #1 here because I told her that her egg was ugly and she said that I was just jealous because her egg is #1. Oh, yes, we are sisters. I know you can tell from how much we look alike too.

The Punk Rock Egg. Can you get more punk-rock than an egg that literally says, "Punk Rock Egg"?

Almost finished... We dyed 4 dozen eggs total.

And this next picture has got to be my favorite of the evening. You just never know what you're going to get when you hand Gracie the camera...

Happy Easter Y'all!


  1. Cute pics! Happy Easter - Silas saw your pics and said "I love you too" as he hit my screen.

  2. Great job on the eggs!! You are all very talented...Micah is the most of course!1

  3. Four dozen eggs? Wow! I'm betting you were super glad you had that fancy tablecloth by the time all was said and done. Such a thinker, you are.

    The pictures were delightful... I'm sure folks have said this to you, but wow- Gracie looks like a mini-Stacie!

  4. Now honestly, was all that egg dying for Micah, or for ya'll?;) Glad to see you're all on the mend now too!

  5. How Fun!!!!
    I love Micah's shirt!

  6. Great post! Yes you and your sister Look A LOT ALIKE! WOW. So happy you had a good easter thanks for are soo dang cute!

  7. haha-the last picture is funny.

    And, I have way more fun dying eggs than any child I know.

    I did one dozen this year and then...did nothing with them.
    I guess I can make egg salad tomorrow.

    thanks for sharing! (And, I love Micah's shirt!)

  8. The last pic 'cracks' me up :) I'm loving Micah's shirt. I'm sure the chicks do dig him - he's too cute!