Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow Day!

It's snowing today - on my first day of work! I wish I could report that I'm going to get the night off, but I don't think that will happen. The good news is Kevin is off, so I don't have to worry about taking Mic to my Mom's house in the snow. (He'll be going there for about 2 hours when I work - until Kevin gets home.)

Over the weekend we got a hint of Spring - it was wonderful! We went to Micah's first friend birthday party - little R turned 1! This little cutie was born at 32 weeks and is now as big as ever! He's a little miracle baby. I worked with his mama while she was pregnant and we were working on our homestudy when R was born. Jen was a HUGE supporter of our adoption and celebrated each step with us. (Thanks Jen!) It's so amazing that R and Micah were born only a week apart!

Opening presents with his Mom, Dad & brother

R liked his cake - such a cutie!

Micah was not so good at the party. He has decided that if he doesn't like something, he will just yell until he gets what he wants. Uh-oh. We've decided to stop giving in to the yelling, and hope that will help. Our child has quite the temper, and now that he's found his voice, he has no qualms about using it. That being said, he is also getting to be such a snuggler - it is so cute - I love snuggling with him. :)

Here is Micah after his first friend birthday party - look at him facing forward now! Big guy!


  1. Ooh, I so don't miss the snow. Be safe driving.

    Look at your big boy, facing forward and with some killer cute sneakers!!!!!

  2. 3 weeks and 2 more pounds and Mari can face forward...I can't believe how excited that makes me.

    About the screaming...Mari has gotten really bad about that. She just lets it loose when she wants something, ignoring works when we are home but it's so hard in public. She can go from super charming to little taz-devil in seconds. The good news is that I've read that she is old enough to know better so it is okay to punish her--only by denying her what she wants, which is attention. I've started leaving the room until she stops or really melts down into her sad crying.

  3. I love the picture, he is such a big boy now isn't he:-)I also like the yelling...hee hee...he has a mind of his own!!

  4. OHH WOW he is a big boy. He looks just worn out ahahha!

  5. I cant believe how big Micah looks in that car seat!!!

    He is growing up so fast...and it feels like it is right before all of our eyes.

    I cant believe it has been so long since our first lunch date....it feels like yesterday.

    I hope lunch was great....I am feeling much better. Thanks for the vent!