Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Micah's Been Tagged!

Since Micah is feeling so much better, he is going to take over and respond to being tagged by cute-as-can-be Tiny.

Ten Random Things about Me (Micah):

1. My newest obsession is opening drawers. I don't really like to pull stuff out of them, but I like to hide stuff inside of them. If my binky is missing and it is naptime, you should look in the bottom drawer in the kitchen (where the towels are) to find it.

2. I LOVE my dogs so much. I like to sneak up on them, which never works. My mom says it's because I shouldn't scream in delight as I am sneaking up, but that's half the fun. Pedro lets me get him and he is my favorite because he is little.

3. I really do love to read. I like it when my mom gives me a basket of books to sit and look at. I take one out, turn the pages and talk to the book (actually I'm reading it but mom says I'm talking to it - whatever). This can keep me busy for a good 15 minutes on what mom and dad call a "good day."

4. I am a really awesome dancer. My best move is the one-arm sway in my highchair. I do this especially well during the 20 second musical interludes on boring NPR that mom listens to at lunch. I always hear the music and sway. When the music is really rocking, I kick my feet and flap my arms - that is my second best move.

5. I am a screamer now. I like to squeal and scream. A lot.

6. I have a cool new trick - when you ask me where my hair is - I will grab my head. (And you really, really
should clap when I do this.) But, don't ask me where anything else is because I don't know yet.

7. I have a temper. Mom & dad give each other looks when I throw a fit but I keep going anyway. Usually though I get distracted by something and forget about my fit. Unless I am really mad - then forget it.

8. I love drinking my bottles before naps and bedtime. In fact, I even wake mom up in the middle of the night for one - that's how much I love them. I hear mom & dad talking about how I will have to give them up someday. No way.

9. I really love to watch the videos at Mom says they saved her during our recent stay at the hospital (which was icky by the way). They make me laugh. I love that silly Moose & Zee.

10. I like to get attention when we are out shopping. At the market and Target I like to yell at people until they look at me and say "hi." Some of them even come over and tell me how cute I am, which is fun because then I can smile at them. This always makes my mom laugh.

Well, there you have it. Micah would like to tag Mari, Mamush, Silas T, Boomer (if his mom has time), Minnow, and Pacey

(I should add - Kevin and I are feeling better! YAYAY! I think this nasty virus is finally gone! We finally ate regular food today! Kevin made me risotto with chicken for dinner - he is one good man!)


  1. oh Silas is so excited for his first Tag from his buddy Micah. Silas and MIcah have several random things about themselves in common!!

  2. Oh my gosh! How cute!! First tags for the little ones! Ahhhhh,look how tech savvy they are!

  3. That was great! I feel like I know Micah so much better now! :)

  4. Super sweet list, Micah. I particularly appreciate that you are listening to NPR already. I've known to hum the interlude music as well. Have they started sending you donation requests, yet?

  5. I'm glad you all are feeling better! No fun at your house there for awhile. That rotovirus is a mean little man.