Sunday, September 30, 2007

Camera Crazy

So, I've been going camera crazy lately... here are some of the cuties -

Happy after bath-time! You can't see it, but this cute towel has his name embroidered on it (thanks Mindy!)

Micah & Papa R. Notice his super-cool bear slippers - a hand-me-down from George & Chuck.

Just hangin' with my bear in my puppy shirt from Grandma D.

Ready for Game Day - Go Buckeyes!

His first time sitting in a restaurant high chair (in his cool shirt from Keri!). This did not last long- he much preferred for his aunts, uncle and papa to be holding him during dinner on Saturday night. I actually sat and ate my meal - very exciting!


  1. I just learned about Ethiopian adoption through CHI and found your blog through owlhaven. Just wanted you to know that Micah's pictures just made me smile from ear to ear - and I love the slideshow!

  2. cute as always!!

    Love the pics! (and glad to see I'm not the only one camera crazy)

    high five to Micah from Mamush!

  3. We bought that same "mom" shirt for Malak- so cute!

  4. What a cute face! It sounds like the eating out experience has changed for you guys too...We still enjoy it, but it is a little more work these days. :)
    Micah is a sweetie pie!

  5. He's very cute (although, being a UofM student, I'm supposed to take offence at the Ohio State t-shirt...but he's just too cute! :-)

  6. An absolute doll. You will learn fast that it is always nice to have one or two extra people at dinner so that they can entertain him (as they might not see him as often) so that you can acutally eat.

  7. He is getting so big! What a sweet happy baby.