Thursday, September 6, 2007

High School Girls Baby Shower

I've been wanting to post about this, but I haven't had my camera (still at Kelley's, but I'm getting it this weekend - good thing - I'm having withdrawals and even bought some disposable cameras!). Anyway, there is a group of us from high school that have been getting together for dinner every year around Christmas for about 11 years (or 12?). We've all gone to each other's weddings and baby showers and it is so nice to have friends who, even if we all don't talk all the time, we all just know each other so well.

The girls threw a baby shower for me and for Jenni who is pregnant with her second (we celebrate all births!) and Jenni emailed us pics today so I figured I'd share. It was such a great shower and so nice to see everyone.

This is all of us together (except the other Jen - she came later, and Nikki who was at a gala :)

Everyone oohing over cutie Micah... that's Ang holding him - she LOVED him (but really, how could you not?) Oh, and our name tags- we played the Price is Right and I kicked Jenni's butt. :)
Me and my little cutie

This was fun - we all got to decorate a onesie for the babies- the ones decorated for Micah said "Hand-Picked" "Future Football Star" "Manchester United" and then one with the American flag and all of our kids names on it. I'm very proud of the one I made for Jenni - it was a bowling shirt!

Kevin came and picked up Micah and took him home to bed so I could have a glass of wine and some time to talk with the girls. Do we look like new parents or what? :)

SO, thanks girls for such a great shower (especially Kelley and Mindy) - I had so much fun. Oh, and also, Mindy made these super-cute mini chocolate bars that had Micah's picture on them along with the Ethiopian flag. She is so creative. When I get my camera back I will take some pics of those and the super-cool gifts I got that night.


  1. How fun!!! Good friends are such a huge blessing!!! (Good gravy, let's see how many !!! I can use in 2 sentences!)

  2. Looks like a great time! Micah is such a cutie!