Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Boys

Remember I said we had recently met two other families with children from Ethiopia? I am so happy that we have met Dawn & Sarah and their children. Here are some pics from the end of the day we spent at Dawn's house ... We've all agreed that we will try to get pictures together FIRST next time we are together. (At least you all get to see Micah's crabby face! :)


  1. Micah seems to have grown in the month or so that you have had him.

  2. Alright...Micah is so cute. I mean, seriously! Even his little sad face is sweet. He is giving Silas a run for cutest baby ever. :) That is so fun that you have those two couples in your area with Ethiopian kids! There are 2 families in our city waiting for their referrals...I can't wait until they get their babies and we can take fun cranky pictures of our kids too! :)

  3. cute boys!! can't wait to meet all the St.Louis area families!