Thursday, September 6, 2007

100th Post

I thought I would check this morning to see what number I was on and, there it was - my last post was #99... So, since there is NO WAY I'll get through 100 things (I applaud those of you who have done that, but I can barely take a shower these days!) I'm going to steal Amy's idea and just do 33 because that is how old I am. :)

33. I turned 33 this year while we were in Ethiopia - we had a beautiful traditional Ethiopian lunch (complete with coffee ceremony) that day (coincidence) and we had our son with us, so could you really ask for a better birthday?
32. I have two tattoos and even though I said 'no more', I am now thinking about one more tiny one in an inconspicuous place :)
31. I have an undergrad degree in English Lit from the Univ. of AZ and am one thesis away from finishing my MA in Media Communications.
30. The first concert I went to was Corey Hart in 5th grade, but my first real concert (without a parent along with us) was Social Distortion when I was 14 - we went to see them again (for about the 20th time) last year - aging punk rock is fun!
29. My husband is four years younger than I am and he likes to remind me of that any chance he gets :)
28. When I was 14, I shaved most of my hair off and had kind of a weird skater hairdo. My parents told me it looked great - which made me mad - I mean, I was trying to be rebellious! The funniest part is that I actually curled the skater hairdo for the freshman dance (Am I really admitting this?)
27. You know those montages they put together at the end of the Superbowl or the World Series? They make me cry. Kevin laughs at me b/c sports make me cry.
26. Two months after I met Kevin I got Scarlet Fever (yes, it still exists!). My Dad and Kevin met for the first time in the waiting room while I was in the doctor's office delirious and covered with a horrible looking rash. Kevin did not leave my side through it all - I fell in love covered with a rash.
25. I LOVE dogs and have always had one (at least!)
24. I had 8 bridesmaids in my wedding who all got to pick out their own dresses (black) and they all looked great - I always say I had the hottest bridesmaids ever.
23. My dream is to visit Alaska someday
22. I love pumpkin flavored anything - including pumpkin spice lattes (just found that out).
21. I was a swimmer when I was younger - and a swim team coach. My best stroke was breast stroke.
20. My FAVORITE season is fall (yippee - it's almost fall!)
19. My FAVORITE holiday is Halloween (yippee - it's almost here!)
18. In college I made my friends all dress up like Scooby Doo & the gang (I was Scooby). We went to a bar and entered the costume contest (b/c we looked AWESOME) and we won first prize - $500! (I'm very proud of this moment :)
17. Kevin & I had planned on waiting two years to try to start having children, but changed our minds on our honeymoon to start right away... it only took 3 1/2 years! :)
16. My first car was a Mustang convertible. (Yes, a little spoiled, but not so that I took it for granted.)
15. I LOVE to read - it is kind of an addiction - we have tubs of books in our storage room.
14. I love politics and volunteered during the last presidential election.
13. This is way more difficult than I thought it would be - good thing I'm cheating with only 33 things.
12. My favorite color is purple (see, now I'm just getting very boring)
11. I love the number 11 (it's true)
10. I have a secret problem - I like to read People magazine. I KNOW it is terrible, but it's true - I admit it.
9. I always thought we'd have a girl first, but I love having a boy. Boys are great!
8. (This one is embarrasing) Our bedroom has a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom. That's right, IN the bedroom. The house came that way... we're thinking of walling it off into the bathroom someday, but for now it is IN the bedroom. (Imagine explaining that to your social worker during your homestudy!)
7. My mom saved my fourth grade journal and one of the pages is titled, "What I Want to be When I Grow Up." In fourth grade I answered that I'd like to be a mom. :)
6. My birthday is in the summer, so I always missed out on the school birthday parties. One year, I was probably 6 or 7, I traded birthdays with my Grandma. (I asked her first and she said it was okay).
5. In first grade I told my teacher that my parents called me Beth, so she and everyone else called me Beth. I thought it was so great, but it only lasted until parent-teacher conferences - then my cover was blown.
4. I am a terrible singer, but LOVE to belt it out. (Poor Micah)
3. I LOVE good food - going out to new restaurants is probably my favorite thing to do. (This is another reason I fell in love with Kevin - he was a chef :)
2. I am an online activist - I get alerts from the Humane Society, the NRDC and Amnesty Intl. and then send emails. I wish I could do more and maybe someday I will.
1. My two favorite people in the world are Kevin & Micah - I am truly blessed with our family.

Okay... so that last one is a gimme, but I couldn't go without mentioning that. I'm sure I'll think of more exciting things later and wish I had written them instead, but this is all I can muster at the moment. :)


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!

  2. A jacuzzi in the bedroom! Oh well, you can at least teach Micah to swim while organizing the sock drawer...there's mommy multi-tasking!!

  3. Oh my, I have so much to say :)
    First- the skater hair thing is hilarious, but now you MUST post a picture!
    Second-Michael says I'm banned from watching any major sporting events on tv because I ALWAYS cry for the loser. I can't help it, seeing other people cry just makes it come right out. Most recently I cried watching the end of the Little League World Series, the little Japanese kid was bawling his eyes out. You'd have to be heartless not to cry with him...
    Third-Pumpkin, yum...
    Fourth-11 has always been my favorite number!!!
    Fifth-I, too, and am online activist. Love to send those emails and the occasional real letters I get in return (including one from Addis from a woman with the African Union!)
    Okay, I'll summarize the rest...Jacuzzi in the room--dirty, dirty; belting out songs (poorly) in the car is one of my favorite things, Supergirl can now sing many songs with me :); and finally, I once had 'cat scratch fever' We can be the 'cool fever girls'!!!!

  4. Skater hairdo.. had me thinking Dorothy Hamill.

    Happy belated 33rd birthday.

    **sigh** I feel so old around you bloggers.

  5. Nicely done..
    Love that you curled your skater hair and I love that your parents told you they loved your skater hair. :)
    The jacuzzi in your room is fascinating...Who did you buy your house from? :)

  6. I was laughing so hard about the Beth comment. I told my dance teacher when I was 5 that my family called me Beth (my middle name). Apparently I didn't like Jocelyn. She called me this until my recital and my mom realized that she had been calling me Beth for months!!

  7. love it! can't wait to see a pic of the skater hair and I have so much commentary from all I learned from your list I better just wait and email ya :) thanks for sharing!

  8. Contratulations! Jacuzzi in the bedroom is a hoot! I think you have GREAT parents! I only hope I can tell my kids their hair looks great even when I secretly think its a disaster. :)

  9. So..yeah...I didn't know this was a thing to do. I love it...hmm i'm on post like 45...guess i'm going to take it a little slower. This task is a lot of work. YOU ARE FUNNY!! I think you should make Kevin post one as well! HAHA.


  10. Beautifully done! May I recommend (if you like chai?) trying a Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte (iced)!!! SO GOOD! I love pumpkin too!

  11. That was really fun to read. I did the same thing with all of my bridesmaids...I let them pick out their own dresses and they were all black. I don't know too many people that have done that! Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday we are already cruising the isles at the store! Amy