Tuesday, September 25, 2007

M and M

Last night we were lucky enough to have a visit from Micah's first BFF - Mamush! Oh, and his wonderful mom and dad, Jenni & Jim came too! :) Jenni and I emailed each other incessantly through the paperwork phase, the waiting phase, the referrals and travel. They went to Ethiopia the week after we left.

Kevin & I were there when they brought Mamush to the House of Hope - what an amazing moment! Here was this little baby boy who I already loved, and I knew how much his mom and dad already loved him... I was standing on the balcony holding Micah and Kevin yelled up, "That's Mamush!" I carried Micah down to see him with the tears running. The other very cool thing about Micah & Mamush is that they were at the same orphanage before coming
to the HOH. So, you see, these boys have known each other almost their whole lives! :) It is so amazing that Jenni & Jim live close enough to come visit so the boys can grow up knowing each other.

Here they are hanging out together in Ethiopia...

And, here they are hanging out together at Micah's house...


Mamush decided it was time to put his hand on Micah's head... Not sure how Micah felt about that! :)


  1. soo sweet! all of us being together with these two precious boys was wonderful and a dream in itself!

    We look forward to many years of friendship along with these BFF boys!

    :) Jenni & Jim

  2. So cute. And what a great story. How wonderful for the boys

  3. Wow, how lucky that they will get to see eachother while they grow up!! That is really amazing that you all live close enough for them to be BFF's!!

  4. After a very emotional day here, here come the tears again after reading your blog.(happy tears)It's so cool they'll always be close.

  5. Oh that is such a wonderful story. How cool that they ended up living so close to one another.