Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yeah Baby!

Big day for us yesterday - Micah rolled over from his back to his belly! Big Man! The first time we saw him roll tummy-to-back was the first day we were home, so that's old news. But, the back to belly... well, now that's super-cool! Kevin and I were sitting in the room with him and I was reading him a book and Micah was looking at the little mirror I had set up, and suddenly he rolled over to it! He has done it about 6 times since, but immediately rolls back when he realizes he is on his tummy. :) These pics are from a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to tell him how cool tummy time is. These just make me LAUGH - especially his face in the first one!

So, tummy time was never his fav, but he's moving on to bigger and better things. Next he'll be rolling all over the place (if he lets me put him down long enough to realize he can).

I am falling more and more in love with him every day. (Is that possible?) He is just so stinking cute and so FUNNY. His faces make me laugh and he is so expressive - he is also babbling non-stop which cracks us up. I love walking in to his room in the morning and see him smiling up at us and kicking his legs (that means he likes us because he also does this when we let him sip a glass of water which he LOVES - I can barely drink water anymore around him because he freaks out for it).

Today he got jealous because I was holding another baby (Baby J. - our friends' Chryssi & John's little one who is a tiny 7 weeks old- cutie!). It was very funny, but I also felt like this kid really is getting to know I'm his mom. In fact, he knows it so much that he will be just FINE laying on the floor playing with toys until he catches a glimpse of me and then it's all over - he fusses until I come over and pick him up. Stinker.

A few other big things this week - he had his first babysitting experience outside of our house at Grandma K & Papa's house. We had to go to a charity dinner so Gma K and Papa eagerly agreed to watch him for a bit. The report? "He did great, but he really doesn't like it when you put him down, huh?" (Finally someone believes me! :)

He also got his first set of shots today. Only 3 - I don't want to do too many at once and our Doc is fine with that (I really like him!). Micah screamed before he was even stuck with the needle, just as I had predicted. :) And, he has gained a whole pound in the past month - 16.14 lbs. F

(Wow, I just realized we've been home one month today. We got home on August 13th. This is the 13th right? :)

I have lots more to say, but I'm getting sleepy and still have lots of laundry to get done (does it ever end - geez!). We're supposed to meet up with the whole group of friends and their kids tomorrow night, so I'll take some pictures to share.


  1. All of Micah's pictures are great! The slide show of your family pictures is so good! I'm glad he is doing well and progressing so quickly! :)

  2. Wow, he's really growing well.I love that picture of him on his belly. Cutest little face.

  3. What a cutie-patootie.
    He's already got momma wrapped around his little finger.

  4. Hooray Micah!!

    too cute! can't wait to meet him!!! :)

  5. he is beautiful!

    someone once told me, "puppies wag their tails and babies kick their feet" and i was always reminded of that when my son was happy :)