Friday, May 25, 2007

We Love Ethiopian Coffee

I was feeling a little down today- not sure why- we have every reason to be happy and excited, but every now and then I go through this feeling of longing for our child that really gets to me. Today was one of those days. So, after I got home and was trying to have a moment alone (the dogs seem to know when I'm upset and want to 'help' by getting in my face and trying to give me kisses- it's a nice sentiment, but it's not the most pleasant thing in the world), my sweet husband noticed I wasn't having the best day. He offered to take me out for Ethiopian food and that sounded like the only thing that would make me feel better. Maybe it makes me feel closer to our child(ren), I'm not sure, but it definitely has made me feel better.

Or... maybe it is just that the Ethiopian coffee has made me crazy. We ordered Ethiopian coffee after we finished our yummy dinner of avocado & tomato appetizer, doro wat and a vegetarian sampler. About 45 minutes later (I'm serious) our coffee was served. We were laughing throughout the whole 45 minutes - wondering about our coffee and what on earth they were doing to it. Anyway, it was very good- and very, very strong - even Kevin added sugar to his. We left the restaurant, came home, and then cleaned the entire house. Not just straightened - I mean I cleaned bathrooms, Kevin straightened his closet, and vacuumed. And now I am furiously typing away. :) In the end, the coffee was definitely worth the wait. I'll probably post again later tonight- say around 2 a.m. when I'm still wide awake. Now I'm going to go check on Kevin - I think he might still be cleaning. :)

Addendum - I checked - Kevin is actually making cookies right now!


  1. I don't like coffee--but if it does that much for you, I might have to try! I understand about having depressing moments...they seem to come out of nowhere and just overwhelm you. I was having a moment this week, too. Then I checked my blog and saw the comments you and Jenni left me. What an upliftment (is that a word?)! It is amazing how people you have never met and probably would never have in any other circumstances can make you feel better than those around you (that know you but can't understand what this process does to your emotions!). Thanks for your constant encouragement and remember, I'll be here on the other end of the blog rainbow if you need a smile!

    BTW, when I cry, my dog gets up in my face and whines...just like he is crying with me. Cute but annoying!

  2. I've got to get off the computer tonight...the keyboard is getting soaked! I've heard of "mutual admiration" societies but I think we are all verging on a "crier's club." And the real tears are yet to come...come on referrals!

  3. I've been lurking at your blog for a couple of weeks now. My hubby & I are adopting 2 baby boys from Ethiopia. We almost used Children's Hope, but we decided to use a different agency. I will say that I was super impressed with CHI.

    That so sweet that your dog is in tune with your emotions (even if it is messy). I hope your wait isn't to long!

  4. I definitely need some of that coffee! (and I am not a coffee drinker) OR.....maybe I should just invite you guys to my house and serve you some of that coffee and let you loose on this disaster zone :) I know exactly how you feel. My husband has told me this adoption has been way worse (my mood swings) than our pregnancy (which I had major mood swings throughout). And I would have to agree with him. The not know is without a doubt the hardest part, lack of control I guess. If you ever need to vent, always feel free to, even if its just through email, I think it really does help!