Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now What?

Okay, to try and answer the question of Now What?

We really don't know much at this point. There is no information on infant referrals, so we will be waiting, but we don't know how long. The good news is that we're first on the list for an infant referral in our agency. (We'll be followed shortly by Jenni & Jim - their dossier will hopefully leave for Ethiopia tomorrow- YAY!!) But, if there are other families who send in their dossiers and are open to older children, they could go before us (depending on when an infant becomes available).

Basically, we are waiting. So, please pray for infant referrals! :)

Thanks for all the good wishes - it's so nice to have you all to share the good news with!


  1. YAY! What fantastic so exciting!

  2. This is so exciting. So it could be amy day now, huh?