Sunday, May 6, 2007

Education... Check

This weekend we officially finished our 10 hours of education. We have watched the DVDs, read books, gone to our agency classes, done workbooks, and this weekend we attended an infant care class at a local hospital. I was a little worried about being the only couple there who was not visibly pregnant, but it worked out okay. We walked in a bit early and I told the instructor, "Sorry, we're early," and she asked, "What class are you looking for?" (obviously noting that I did not have a bump) and we said, "Infant Care." She answered, "Oh, I'm just used to seeing pregnant people here." We just laughed it off and told her we were pregnant on paper. There was another guy there with his mom (so, obviously not pregnant). He was going through a divorce and wanted to learn how to take care of his little guy by himself.
We did have to answer a bunch of questions, but everyone was very nice and there were no negative comments or anything (i.e. no one asked, why aren't you adopting a kid here?) so that was good. The only thing that happened was that our 'baby' (they had dolls for practicing diapers and such) was African American (which made the most sense to us). The woman next to us asked where we would be adopting from and we told her Ethiopia and she pointed to our 'baby' and said, "Oh, it looks like you have the right baby." Oh... yes, you're right, thank you.
So, anyway, we have passed all of our tests and are cleared for dossier take-off to Ethiopia now. I just want it to get to DC and back soon! Our agency predicts that could take 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, we have also been busy going out on dates - we had a wonderful dinner earlier in the week followed by Norah Jones (so good!!) and last night we had dinner with our best friends down the street (they actually got babysitters for all four kids!) and then went to see another concert. Now it's time to get busy painting the baby's room!!

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