Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Wait, Or Not To Wait...

This week our SW called to ask if we would like to change our request to two children and wait a little bit longer for twins or a sibling group. I should back up and remind everyone that we are open to one infant (boy or girl), infant twins, or a young sibling group - one infant and up to a young 3 year old. So, we're pretty open.

Basically, because we are first on the infant referral list, if we did want to wait for two, we would have a great chance of that happening without too long of a wait. Erin (SW) wanted to make sure that we knew this, and wanted to make sure that, if we decided not to wait, that we would not be disappointed with one child.

Wowza- so, in customary paper-pregnant fashion, I completely obsessed about this for, oh, the whole day. I think I knew in my heart what I wanted to do, but, of course, Kevin was in no-man's-land of cell reception and we didn't get to talk until late afternoon. We agreed that we probably already knew our answer, but we should sit down to discuss it.

In the end, this is what we came up with (and I'm quoting the email I sent Erin b/c I can't really say it any better than what Kevin and I came up with). Although the thought of twins or siblings is exciting, the thought of one baby is exciting, amazing, and miraculous all the same. We feel that we’ve been led to this path, and we want to follow it, whether that means one boy, one girl, or one of each. In our hearts, it does not matter to us – there will be absolutely no disappointment with one child – we are overjoyed at the thought. The only analogy we can think of is when you ask a pregnant couple whether they’d like a boy or a girl, and they really don’t care, they just want a healthy baby. That is how we feel- we went into this process trying to be as open as possible because we wanted to make sure that whatever God had in mind, we would be open to.

Kevin has pointed out to me that I often use the plural when speaking of our future child / children on this blog. He actually was worried that I had my heart set on two because of that and other things I've said. So, this experience allowed me to really think about what I wanted and whether or not it was the same as our original idea. Turns out, I am most comfortable with our idea to trust in the divine plan, and Kevin is too.

So, bring on the referral of our baby, babies, or our baby and toddler!


  1. That's a great way of saying it. The right child or children will come into your family someday soon, and it will be an amazing thing. A good friend of mine is in Ethiopia right now to get their little boy...she will be back in a week. We can't wait to meet him.

  2. yes yes the right baby or babies will come your way at the right time.....and hopefully soon!