Tuesday, May 29, 2007

News of the Week

Not much to report- Tsegay (our in-country rep) has had our dossier translated and the translation has been authenticated, so we are all set. Tsegay has been working like crazy over there to get this new program up & running - I really cannot wait to meet him and thank him in person for all that he has done.

So, we're just sitting around... waiting (and praying) for a referral. I know it has not been that long!! But, here is what is hard- we don't really have any frame of reference to judge the 'how long' of the waiting. We're first in our agency for an infant referral (followed closely by Jenni & Jim, whose dossier will hopefully be in Tsegay's hands tomorrow), so we can't say that it normally takes X amount of time. We just don't know. Talk about letting go!! Adoption really reminds you to trust in the divine plan. Oh, and I wanted to thank you all for your comments on my last post- I really didn't even have to say much about feeling down, but you all clued into it and made me feel better!

In the meantime, I have picked out the bedding (finally). After looking at a million of them, I decided to listen to my more experienced friends and not go crazy with the bedding. I picked one that I've been thinking about for a while (I've posted it before) and it will work for either boy or girl (or both- yes, there's always hope for two still). Thanks to Grandma Mimi for getting us the bedding already!!
We're going to do white furniture (Grandma K and I have to get ourselves down to PBK!) and we're painting the walls in a color scheme of yellow and green with dark brown accents. Kevin loves to paint, so hopefully he will transform this boring old room into a beautiful nursery. I'll post pics as we get things finished.


  1. Where did you get that great rocking chair?? i love it!! the baby's room is going to be gorgeous, i know!

  2. (to answer Julia) It was my mom's - she used it when we were little. :) I still want to get the PBK glider though- a bit more comfy.

  3. love the bedding selection...cute! Your wait seems like forever now, but trust a girl...when you get the referral, things happens so fast! Good idea to get started on the cute nursery now. :)

  4. Beautiful - love the green of course!

    :) come on babies!